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Popular Articles
People always talk about the newest renovations to their homes: hardwood floors, freshly painted walls, or refurbished countertops. When thinking about all the renewed surfaces of a house, why are ceilings always the last thing left out?
Discover the most common reason some avocado trees are not capable of producing fruit.
By Stephanie Banfield
If you are struggling with sandy, poor soil in a sunny location and want lots of color then lantana is the plant for you. This lovely plant thrives in situations many plants would struggle in. Lantana is tough as nails and attracts butterflies to the garden as a bonus.
By Kim Willis
Would you like to get more use from your unfinished basement, attic or garage and transform one or more of them into useable living space?
By Sherry Holetzky
Ceiling ideas are not always forthcoming because the ceiling seems like such a dull part of any room. But it's not.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
How to quickly renovate your bathroom by changing out the fixtures and leaving the basic demensions the same.
By gussuk
Who is eligible for cash for caulkers? Find out what the intention of the Homestar stimulus project is, and who is likely to qualify for rebates.
By Rachel Mork
Growing strawberries in containers makes them easy to control, and can bring a fruity festiveness to a deck, a patio or even indoors.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
Learning how to wire a hot tub can save a few dollars, but don't try it yourself unless you are certain of your electrical abilities.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
Are you considering the creep feeding method as a supplemental option for your calves? Weigh its advantages and disadvantages.
By Rose Clearfield
Over 400 types of willow trees have been recorded. Learn about the most common varieties.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
Making compost with kitchen scraps takes a waste by product and turns it into an asset.
By Jim Hillibish
Dryer vent cleaning may seem like a tedious task, but a clean dryer vent can save you money and keep you safe.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
Learn how to grow and cultivate Syringa vulgaris, also known as Ivan Van Tol Common Lilac.
By Cheryl Bowman
Where do gnats come from? Here's what you need to know about how they spawn and how to stop them.
By Maeve Rich
How does the ozone layer work? The layer of ozone in our upper atmosphere blocks ultraviolet radiation that would otherwise be harmful to plants, animals and humans.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
Solar energy is more than just photovoltaic electricity.
By Sarah Parrish
These homegrown delights will inspire you to flavor food in new ways.
Japanese beetles are about half an inch long and have copper colored wings over a metallic green body. These beetles eat the leave of many plant species, leaving only a leaf skeleton behind. The grubs of Japanese beetles eat the roots of grass and can cause wide spread turf damage.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
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