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Popular Articles
Here are some common decorating mistakes to watch for when decorating your living room.
Do you need to learn how to remove an old bathtub? This might surprise you, but it's not a hard job to do. Just make sure you find some help and block off enough time for the job.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
A fairy garden is a great way to try gardening with kids because it sparks imagination and does not require a lot of time or money.
By Julia Quinn-Szcesuil
By Angie Pollock
Ceiling fans are one of the most sensible solutions when it comes to achieving a comfortable, energy efficient home. In fact, ceiling fans have been helping to heat and cool residences for more than a hundred years.
When store bought solutions aren't enough, consider home remedies for fleas.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
Learn how to grow rhubarb and never be unprepared to make pie.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
Don't you get the urge to bake something during the fall? It's cooling off outside and may even be a little chilly inside, and the warmth of the oven combined with the fresh aroma of home-baked treats fits the season perfectly.
By Sherry Holetzky
Think how many gardens there are all over the world, or even just how many there are in the United States alone. The United States Department of Agriculture estimates that an area roughly the size of California is maintained privately by homeowners. That's a lot of gardens in need of care.
By Viveka Neveln
Want fresh fruit? Growing peach trees might be right up your alley, or backyard.
By Laura Evans
Medicine cabinets should be cleaned out every 6 to 12 months. This process includes clearing it out, checking all supplies and medicines, cleaning, sorting, organizing and replenishing as needed.
By klurbauer
A cactus garden is the perfect way to have plants at home if you don't have a green thumb.
By Jenney Cheever
If your RV is a home on wheels, shouldn't it have a nice, shaded patio to go with it? RV awnings can create a relaxing pool of shade right at your front door. A retractable awning takes minutes to roll out, but can provide you with hours of comfort and shelter.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
The kitchen is probably the room in your house offering the most organized storage space. But, if you're like most people, it is also probably the most disorganized and jam-packed storage space in the house.
By Jenna Remilard
Learn how to identify and prevent black spots on the bottoms of tomatoes, otherwise known as blossom end rot.
By Starla Ross
While water-based latex paints are a big improvement over the stinky oil-based enamel paints, some can still smell quite strong. Some paints have stronger fumes than others. Experienced painters can identify different brands of paint by odor alone-they all smell a bit different.
By Carina MacDonald
Learning how to install roll roofing should be easy. Master these basics, and roll roofing your house will be a snap.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
Regardless of the nature of your home improvement project, it's pretty likely that brick and stone, in one form or another, should be a part of it.
There are various ways to organize your space. You may have a professional consultant come to your home to suggest ways to create more space in your area, or you can provide your own measurements and other information to help the designers create a plan for you.
Advice for making your apartment a comfortable home on a budget. Ideas to get that all important security deposit back at the end of the lease.
By OAngel
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