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Popular Articles
The Novelty Glen Dale Azalea plant is an evergreen rhododendron available with a variety of colored flowers, allowing you to pick the shades that best match your garden.
By Cheryl Bowman
Bats make great garden guests.
By Cheri March
Learning how to grow spinach might not make you Popeye, but it will make you mighty.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
If you want to attract butterflies to your yard, you need to entice them with the right flowers. Creating a butterfly garden is the perfect solution.
By Katina Mooneyham
Painting brick can bring new life to a worn wall or change the look of brick whose color you've come to loath. 
By Gene Rodriguez, III
Nobody has ever walked by a house and seen people sitting on the front porch in a swing and having a bad time. It just doesn't happen.
How many cattle per acre can you raise? Learn about the factors that influence herd size and where you can go to get specific answers about your pasture.
By Cheryl Bowman
Many schools are now starting school gardens. Many kids might not get any exposure to a garden otherwise. Volunteer effort, time and creativity to make a school garden today.
By Katina Mooneyham
A cherry blossom is a beautiful flowering tree that's steeped in all sorts of mysticism from many different cultures. The cherry blossom is often used to symbolize various things such as good luck or love.
By John Rapp
We found a one inch millipede in our newspaper curled up. I thought of how millipedes and centipedes are related and how tiny they could be. I explained to the kids that sometimes there are dangers in the garden like a centipede. They may not even realize the dangers.
By Katina Mooneyham
Electricity is energy in a usable form.
By Sarah Parrish
Your fireplace provides a charming fire and toasty warmth when it's lit, but what happens when the fire is out and the fireplace sits empty? If you stop to think about it, a fireplace chimney is just a fancy hole in the roof. According to the US Department of Energy, up to 14% of the air infiltration of a normal house can be attributed to a fireplace.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
Wild ginger is an attractive landscape groundcover choice that adds versatility to your garden.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
Here is all you need to know about how to remove vinyl tile adhesive, an essential skill to have if you are remodeling any part of your house that is covered with tile.
By Maeve Rich
Choose style and comfort for best results.
By Conny Manero
Learning how to install a dryer cord can help avoid an electrical fire, and changing this cord yourself could save you plenty of money over having a repairperson do the job.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
Extra money could be waiting for you among the rows of your garden. Greenhouse gardening for profit is a bit more demanding than simply growing vegetables for yourself.
The backyard can become an ideal place for relaxing and other activities with the addition of a patio garden. One of the greatest things about designing a patio garden is the versatility that it provides.
By Rebecca Mikulin
Not only is Country not "out" but it is hugely popular.
By Jayne Pelosi
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