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Popular Articles
An overview of some of the most common causes of noises in your water pipes, which may indicate impending plumbing problems.
By Rebecca Mikulin
Installing a door is trickier than it looks. To make sure the door works, you'll need to pay careful attention to measurements and check your work during each stage of the process.
Learning how to clean a camper canopy is a rite of passage for many a motorhome owner.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
Marble produces a beauty that lasts. Think about the ancient Roman statues that still stand today. This durable beauty does need a bit of help though; maintaining marble countertops will help them last a lifetime-or more.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
Nobody likes washing windows. There, I said it-got it out of the way fast, too. After that obvious fact comes another one: it still has to be done. Washing windows without streaks is every homeowner's goal. If you've struggled with paper towels and bottles of retail cleaner, it's time to get on the road to streak free windows.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
Some groups of Native Americans believe that corn, beans and squash are three sisters in a garden. They each have a special job and complement each other. 
By Katina Mooneyham
When choosing a location for your pond or water garden, trees in your landscape can be a big problem or their presence can make your pond a shade masterpiece.
By Jan Goldfield
So you have a nice apartment, but it's not as big as you would like. Don't worry, this is a common problem.
By Anika Logan
There's a lot of up-front work involved in organizing your closets, and you'll need the discipline to stick to your organizational plan. All that work pays off in a clean and efficient home.
By Kate Sheridan
Seed germination means that a seed is revived from its dormant state to begin the process of root and leaf production. Seed germination sounds impressive, and it is. 
By Gene Rodriguez, III
Engineered hardwood flooring is a good choice for new construction or renovation. It provides variety and durability.
By Mary P Ivy
The causes of the greenhouse effect read like an almanac of human activity. The greenhouse effect is caused mostly by gases, and those gases are caused mostly by us.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
Removing hardened candle wax can be a tricky job. Allowing the wax to harden is the first line of defense against these stains.
By Denise Oliveri
By Stephanie Banfield
Flowers give off pleasing scents to attract pollenators and people.
By Tara Bellucci
Here's a guide to help you along while you're pruning eucalyptus.
By Maeve Rich
There are only a few rules to keep in mind when designing children's bedrooms. For baby's or toddler's rooms, it's all about safety first then convenience. Changing tables and lots of storage for diapers and other supplies are key. Use materials that are safety rated, like zero-VOC paint and 100% cotton bed linens.
By Timothy Braseth
With a little organization, play spaces can change from disaster areas to places your children can actually play in.
By Lindsey Renuard
Garage building kits substantially reduce the stress of building a new garage.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
Producing vivid, brilliant color is something that plants do amazingly well. Why not take advantage of their abilities and add some visual spice to your vegetable garden with purple plant varieties?
By Tammy Biondi
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