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Popular Articles
Moroccan colors suggest the warmth of the sea and the coarseness of the sand.
By Kristine Remick
Wondering how to make lavender oil? Used in soaps, lotions and perfumes, lavender oil is one of the most popular scents found in nature, and making your own is a piece of cake.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
Knowing the names of berries will help you to identify them in the wild.
By Maeve Rich
The sounds of nature are indeed music. The soothing sound of the ocean, the comfort of a steady rain, the whisper of a breeze through the leaves and their dance of delight in response--these and so many more sounds echo through the halls of the mind.
By Andrea Hansley Smith
Gardeners, take care of your health.
By Kim Willis
For both practical and aesthetic reasons, the finish of a paint makes a difference in durability and looks. Most paint companies carry paints in five basic sheens, from flat to high gloss.
By Carina MacDonald
Edible flower arrangements made out of fruit are perfect for parties as well as gifts. Since making edible flower arrangements are only limited to one's own creativity, the possibilities are endless.
By Helen Polaski
A smoke alarm keeps beeping likely because of low batteries, dirt or improper wiring of the device.
By Christy Birmingham
Pond leaks are not fun.  Noticing a water level drop, you are sure you face repairing your pond liner. Before you panic, make absolutely sure it is a leaking liner and not another problem.
By Jan Goldfield
Wondering what do cockroaches eat? Although they can eat almost anything, there are certain foods that they find particularly attractive.
By Jennifer Flaten
If you are looking for eye-catching blooms throughout the growing season, annuals are the way to go. Though they only last for one year, annuals pack a lot of color into their short lives. These versatile plants are relatively easy to care for and fairly inexpensive.
By Diane Quinn
Knowing some simple repairs for an electric stove that you can do yourself can save you time and money.
By Laura Evans
Computer workstation ergonomics can help you to avoid the repetitive stress injuries that plague so many of today's office workers.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
When many people think of frugal, they think of saving money as in "watching their pennies." But I think that any limited commodity that we have in life should be marked with frugality. Time is a limited commodity.
By Wendy Komancheck
The only masking tape available used to came in beige rolls and the only choice you need to make was what width to buy. Now there's a dizzying array of choices: blue masking tape, green tape, beige tape, low-adhesion tape, high-adhesion tape, sunlight-resistant tape, masking tape for curved surfaces, tape with plastic sheeting attached... How do you choose the right masking tape?
By Carina MacDonald
A quick troubleshooting guide for your home dryer.
By Rebecca Mikulin
So whiskers left a present for you. For all you feline lovers, you know that cat urine is one of the hardest aromas to get rid of. First lets see how bad the spot is. Did this soak through the carpet?
By Diane Quinn
Even the most freestyle gardens need a little planning to be efficient. Develop a garden schedule for the kids to help prepare them for the upcoming garden season.
By Katina Mooneyham
Sink faucet repair techniques will vary with the kind of faucet you have. Learn the three basic styles of faucets and how to repair them before you set out for the hardware store.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
Growing radishes allows you the opportunity to enjoy a crisp and colorful vegetable in your home-grown cooking endeavors.
By Julie Knapp
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