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Popular Articles
If you're someone who likes to keep up with the latest and greatest, you probably already know that vertical gardening is one of the hottest gardening trends around.
By Heleigh Bostwick
Myths about ladybugs can be found through the world. These beneficial garden insects eat harmful pests that can damage plants and produce, giving rise to stories of their mythical powers.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
If you know how to stone wash jeans yourself, you can save a few dollars on "distressed" jeans at the department store.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
Do you know how to recycle leather? You certainly can't just melt it down and reuse it.
By Maeve Rich
Bedbugs bite and can cause allergic reactions in some people. Bedbugs are a public health pest but if found in the home, they can be removed.
Getting orchids to bloom takes more than a green thumb.
By Jennifer Hinders
Discover how to safely remove wax from your skin, and learn when to seek medical attention for wax burns.
By Jessie See
Cedar siding is an appealing building material for a variety of reasons. Make sure that its drawbacks don't outweigh its benefits.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
If you own a Victorian home and wish to keep the landscape design in tune, there are a few design basics that most Victorians followed that would still be in keeping with modern times.
By Jenna Remilard
It's the room we all need to redecorate -the room no one dares to enter. Your intentions are always good. You always intend to redecorate so that it is a lovely guest room or study. Instead, it stays a junk room. Well, now's the time to finally turn your junk room into a real room.
The symbolism of the poppy flower has a rich and divergent history.
By Rebecca Frank
Who invented the trash compactor? Modern home compactors trace their roots to industrial machines used in the 1940s.
By Dachary Carey
Home cleaning is something that we all have to do, and the easiest way to handle it is a house cleaning schedule.
By Jennifer Maughan
Just like writer's block, decorator's block can be a dismal state of mind and it can strike any time of the year. No season is exempt when it comes to the dreaded decorator's block.
By Anika Logan
By Stephanie Banfield
Learn how to get rid of the fruit flies that flock to your food once an infestation has begun.
By Stephanie Banfield
Your Moroccan inspired bedroom doesn't have to be the work of a home decorator. Try to do it yourself.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
During the course of our house-cleaning activities we may often be faced with a perplexing dilemma regarding a stain or odor that conventional methods and cleaning supplies simply cannot resolve. There are a multitude of tips to be found on the web, but sometimes the search can be daunting if you are unsure what to enter into the search query box, and who wants to wade through a tidal wave of results that yield no reliable information? While this list of helpful tips and solutions is by no means comprehensive of every problem you may face, it does encompass some of the most common, and each solution presented here has been found to be the most reliable method.
By Marie Lorraine
Ornamental grasses can add a unique look to your yard and garden. They are easy to grow, simple to care for and come in a huge variety of sizes and colors. They can be used in container gardens, as accent plants, as garden borders, fillers or for privacy screening when a fence isn't really the answer.
By Robin Svedi
The feng shui living room might make it easier to live with your family.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
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