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Popular Articles
You may know it as Catalpa, Catawba, Indian Bean, Cigar Tree or Fish Bait Tree, but chances are if you live in the United States, you have seen this unique tree.
By Kim Willis
Learning how to polish stainless steel after each cleaning will not only help to keep it looking beautiful but will actually reduce the need for more frequent touch-ups. 
By Rebecca Frank
Whether you're building new construction or renovating an older home, choosing the most energy efficient windows is one of the most important decisions you're going to make. 
By Timothy Braseth
A sharp drill bit is important for safety and efficiency. While drill bit sharpening can be tricky, the savings over drill bit replacement can be substantial.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
A guide to the planting and care of Braddock Heights Holly (Ilex crenata), a variety that does well against deer and in seaside locations.
By Cheryl Bowman
The right basement framing is essential for a decent finished basement.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
Colonial houses vary from region to region, but they share many characteristics in common.
By Laura Evans
When the soil isn't exactly gold for the garden, rich in nutrients and minerals, what can be done? Amendments can be added to the soil to make up for some of this deficiency, but building a raised bed for flowers and vegetables can help decrease the chances of a low-nutrient soil problem.
By Katina Mooneyham
It is springtime and you have done all your spring cleaning and spring renovations…or have you? Curtains should be laundered as often as possible (at least once a season) as they have a tendency to collect, dust, dirt and pet hair. Clean curtains help to promote a healthy home, as anything that is stuck to your curtains is likely to be in the air as well and can wreck havoc with your respiratory system.
By Anika Logan
Gnats are a persistent nuisance in some places, but can homemade remedies really get rid of the little flies?
By Tara Bellucci
Growing Rose of Sharon is a classic landscape element. Grow the rose of your grandparents.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
Learning how to install chicken wire fencing isn't hard, but it is an important step to take before starting a chicken farm.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
No room in your home says more about who you are than your living room.
By Timothy Braseth
Learning how to grow zucchini is a hurdle that every gardener must leap over.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
Take your favorite tomato variety and decide what could make it even better; i.e., bigger fruits or better fruit set. You will be working to improve these traits.
By Tammy Biondi
Pairing the right chainsaw chain types with their particular jobs is the best way to saw efficiently and lower the risk of injury or damage to the chainsaw.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
If you are a contractor or are considering refinishing or installing a paved surface such as a driveway, think about using polymer sand for future projects.
By Rose Clearfield
Spring flowering bulbs exuberantly herald the end of winter with bright blasts of color like fireworks in slow motion. When we squirrel away these gems in the fall, we almost forget about them. Then they pleasantly surprise us as they emerge the following spring when everything else is still drab and barren.
By Viveka Neveln
Sansevieria are houseplants in much of the United States, very tough and long lived houseplants. With a host of common names from Mother in Law's Tongue, Snake plant, Good Luck plant and Birds Nest, the Sansevieria suffers cheerfully through neglect and mistreatment. No matter how brown your thumb is you can grow a Sansevieria.
Basic electrical safety tips are imperative if you plan on any type of do-it-yourself electrical work.  It can literally mean the difference between life and death.
By Laura Evans
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