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Popular Articles
Strawberries are a family favorite for snacks and desserts. For many American families, finding strawberries that are affordable, and beautiful, at your local grocer can be challenging. For this reason, many families are turning to home gardening techniques, growing their own strawberries in a variety of garden platforms.
By Rebecca Mikulin
Learn how to clean copper pots and maintain a uniform heating surface.
By Laura Evans
Corian countertops are made from an acrylic-based material. The Dupont company has sold these countertops for over 40 years. Corian differs from other countertops in that the surface can be -renewed' by sanding or buffing.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
Although ranchers and farmers may consider Gaura to be an unwanted invader, gardeners will want to invite this graceful, dainty plant into their gardens. Gaura is tough and virtually pest- and disease-free. The airy, delicate flowers of this North American native lend grace to any sunny garden.
By Kim Willis
During the course of our house-cleaning activities we may often be faced with a perplexing dilemma regarding a stain or odor that conventional methods and cleaning supplies simply cannot resolve. There are a multitude of tips to be found on the web, but sometimes the search can be daunting if you are unsure what to enter into the search query box, and who wants to wade through a tidal wave of results that yield no reliable information? While this list of helpful tips and solutions is by no means comprehensive of every problem you may face, it does encompass some of the most common, and each solution presented here has been found to be the most reliable method.
By Marie Lorraine
Why not take the decorating outdoors? Window awnings are a great way to add some aesthetic value to the home's exterior.
Kitchen islands are an incredible addition to many homes and allow homeowners to get the most from large kitchen spaces. 
Make your own homemade glass cleaner with these simple directions. You'll save a few dollars and gain substantial peace of mind.
By Maeve Rich
Paint rollers allow for fast application of paint over large areas. Most wall paints are formulated for use with paint rollers. Standard wall rollers come in 7 inch or 9 inch sizes, but paint rollers can range in size from 2 inches to 18 inches.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
There was an episode of Sex and the City when Miranda wondered how a vintage man would look on her modern couch. What exactly do those terms mean? When a room is described as shabby chic, a chair is called vintage or a couch is referred to as modern, what does that tell you? Let's unravel the mystery by getting familiar with these unfamiliar furniture terms.
By Anika Logan
Storing tulip bulbs is a simple process that most anyone can do. Here are some easy steps to help you with this project.
By Brenda Joyce
A lawn fertilizer spreader is not only a labor saving device; it's a great way to make sure you apply materials in a uniform manner. A lawn fertilizer spreader is useful for spreading a range of materials: fertilizer, grass seed and even salt on your driveway.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
Flowers give off pleasing scents to attract pollenators and people.
By Tara Bellucci
The greenhouse effect is a natural occurrence. But a manmade change, caused by increased carbon dioxide emissions, is a cause for concern.
By Melanie Grimes
What is mulch? Mulch should not be confused with compost or other soil amendments. Where compost is mixed into the soil to lighten soil composition and add nutrients, mulch rests on the surface of the soil.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
Sadly, too many homeowners have to learn how to kill ants. Although prevention is your best bet against the insects, once an infestation begins, you have to act decisively to end it.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
Converting your garage into living quarters can be a smart way to stretch your renovation budget.
Ever wonder what ants eat? With more than 12,000 species of ant, the insect eats just about everything.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
A guide to the planting and care of O'Spring Holly (Ilex cornuta), one of the classic Christmas hollies that can be harvested to brighten your home.
By Cheryl Bowman
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