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Popular Articles
Don't let the up-front costs of energy efficient windows turn you away. These windows often pay for themselves in four to six years, and you'll reap the rewards of energy savings for many more years to come.
Follow the methods of the industry cantaloupe growers for best results in your home garden
By Gene Rodriguez, III
There are a number of glass block sizes to give you the flexibility to design a window to suit your needs. Glass block cannot be cut to fit, so flexibility in glass block sizes makes it easier to create a window to fit a specific opening.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
When should you begin harvesting dill weed? Think mid-summer.
By Laura Evans
Aad Franck Fuchsia flowers have a deep red and purple corolla and pinkish-white sepals, making this plant an impressive flowering shrub to add to your garden.
By Cheryl Bowman
Growing jalapenos is a spicy way to spend your summer.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
Rechargeable batteries have cut the cord for power tools.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
You may not produce much, but you'll have fun growing wheat. 
By Gene Rodriguez, III
Here's an economical and environmentally friendly way to make homemade dishwasher detergent.
By Maeve Rich
How do biofuels work? These fuels come from biological mass and are combined with several other elements to create a fuel that can power your car minus the environmental damage that results from using fossil fuels.
By Jennifer Maughan
Identifying lawn weeds is the first step in removing them from your yard.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
Alternative energy can help the environment, the economy and national security.
By Sarah Parrish
Walz Nugget Fuchsia care is a little involved, because this variety is particular about sunlight and temperature.
By Cheryl Bowman
Everybody loves receiving a bouquet of flowers, but smiles are even bigger when we receive custom floral arrangements that have been personalized by taking advantage of our own personality traits, individual likes and dislikes, and the things that make each of us who we are.
By Helen Polaski
Have you ever considered planting a vegetable garden? With spring around the corner, and our thoughts turning toward all things green, now is the time to make plans if you desire to grow vegetables this summer.
By Lauren Bove
Boric acid gets no respect, even though it’s used in many household products. What else is boric acid used for?
By Jennifer Hinders
Although there are many types of humidifiers, they all work according to the same principles.
By Gene Rodriguez, III
Save money and the Earth by using homemade cleaners to keep your house spic and span!
By A. E. Freeman
Discover how light from the sun can be captured and stored in solar panels, and discover how this energy can be used to power a variety of items.
By Stephanie Banfield
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