5 Affordable and Simple Redecorating Tips

Sprucing up your home doesn't necessarily require visiting furniture showrooms, spending huge sums of money, or completely eliminating your existing design scheme. There are plenty of ways to enhance what you already have without spending too much money, or time, on a new design.

1. Frequent Your Local Thrift Store

Thrift stores are a great place to find anything from staples to unique showpieces. Replacing small furnishings in your home, such as an end table or dining room chairs, is a seemingly small change that can have a big impact, especially if you find a truly beautiful replacement piece. Thrift stores are likely to carry one of a kind vintage furniture as well as basics in need of a little love.

The key is to shop secondhand with a creative eye. That sturdy coffee table with an uneven finish, for instance, could easily be revitalized with some simple sanding and a new stain. While some pieces may be in perfect condition right out of the store, don't avoid those in need of a little attention; not only will they be less expensive, they will also offer you an opportunity to personalize what goes into your home.

 2. Framed Art: Think Outside the Box

Are your walls looking empty because you don't want to splurge on artwork? A simple solution: explore the art section of your favorite bookstore, new or used. A single book of Ansel Adams's most famous photographs or Georgia O'Keefe's gorgeous paintings is full of plenty of potential art pieces. Buying an art book, removing a couple images, and framing them to display throughout your home is a resourceful way to incorporate your favorite artists' work into your living space without breaking the bank.

Don't confine yourself to the art section if you're not finding anything that stands out. Coffee table books on topics of interest are also great sources of artwork. Loved your travels to Ireland ? A travel book with images of the Irish countryside is a great source of photographic wall art. Have a penchant for gardening? A gardening how-to book may be full of images of your favorite plants and flowers, perfect for framing. Cookbooks, calendars, and magazines are great alternatives for artwork as well.

 3. Functional Decorating

The different rooms of your home are decorated in certain ways based upon their purpose, so why not use items in these rooms accordingly? Empty walls in your kitchen are a great canvas for showcasing colorful foods. Install simple shelves and adorn them with clear glass jars full of various dried pastas, colorful canned fruits and vegetables, and dried beans. Not only will this make your kitchen ingredients easy to access, it also adds a wide array of color and texture to your home in an inexpensive, functional way.

 Jewelry is meant to be a beautiful adornment, so why not make it work twice as hard and use it to decorate your home as well? Purchase a selection of hooks to hang necklaces against a bare wall, making them a showpiece in your bedroom when you're not wearing them. And in the office, a corkboard above the desk can take up wall space while offering a place to pin notes, calendars, memos, and pictures. This will simultaneously clear off your desk and make your bare walls work for you!

4. Don't Be Afraid to Add Some Color

Never underestimate the power of a new coat of paint. A new color may be just the trick to bring a room together. If you're hesitant to paint your whole family room ruby red, liven up just one wall with a bold accent color. Small touches like throw pillows and blankets can also brighten up a space without requiring any drastic change. Simply drape a new blanket over the back of your couch for a splash of color or switch out your old area rug for a fresh base. These items, though seemingly small, help to pull a room together and thus changing them allows you to drastically change the overall atmosphere of your living space.

5. Use What You Already Have

Many of these tips don't necessarily require going out to the store. Refinishing your existing dresser may be all the bedroom needs for some new life. The picture books that simply gather dust on your coffee table may be more useful once disassembled and showcased in frames around your home. Even something as simple as swapping the throw pillows, area rugs, or end tables in two different rooms of your home could be the fix you need. Don't let the items you've already purchased for your home go to waste, but rather, reconsider how and where you use them.

There is no need to dole out lots of money when you think your home is in need of a new look. Shop smart, be resourceful, and use what you already have in a creative new way to liven up your space.

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