A Low-Cost Corner Decorating Idea

Here's a cute way to dress up a boring corner. This will work great in any room but is especially cute in a little girl's room or a powder room. Find a small accent table from another area in the home or pick one up a thrift shop so you can paint it. Give it a distressed finish by scuffing with sandpaper and applying whitewash. If you don't care for whitewash, try a pickling effect, which can be done with thinned down stain that has a green tint or with thinned down light-sage paint. Rub it on with a clean rag and rub off the excess.

When dry, top with a pretty vase filled with daisies or other simple flowers. You can use fresh if you plan to keep replacing them, or you can pick up some realistic looking artificial flowers for very little cost.

Next, paint a few random daisies on both walls of the corner, from about 2 feet out to where the walls meet. Start about shoulder height and go up, but not much past eye level. Don't overdo it; add just a few to each wall. This looks very sweet and fresh.

If you don't do freehand painting, pick up a foam or rubber stamp to match the flowers you have chosen for your vase. Apply some craft paint directly to the foam or rubber stamp, dab it to remove excess paint and carefully, firmly, press it to the wall.

If you would prefer not to paint directly on the wall, stop by a local sign shop and ask for pressure-sensitive vinyl in the color you need. Be sure to ask for scrap pieces; sign makers generally save them for odd jobs and won't charge you as much for scraps as they will for larger pieces. Be sure to let them know that you need vinyl that can be painted.

Next, paint or stamp your design on the vinyl. When dry, simply cut out, remove the paper backing from the adhesive, and stick your vinyl cutouts to the wall. For large pieces, start sticking one small area and press the rest of the decal to the wall bit by bit using a squeegee or a credit card to avoid bubbles.

To remove, lift one edge with a pen knife and slowly pull away from the wall in a diagonal fashion. The glossier the wall paint, the easier vinyl will be to remove. If you are having trouble getting the decals off, squirt some window cleaner underneath the lifted section and work the rest off. If sticky residue remains, orange-oil products will remove it.

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