How to Decorate Your Home on a Budget Part 2

In part two of "How to Decorate Your Home on a Budget," Kathy Wilson, "budget decorator" interior designer, provides more budget decorating ideas of how to make your home look put together on a shoestring budget.


When decorating on a budget I think all the readers of One Paycheck at a Time want cheap home décor without looking cheap. What can you suggest for someone who is creating a contemporary home décor versus someone who prefer a more country home décor?

Kathy Wilson

Country home decor uses natural materials that can be found cheaply. Use fabric scraps to make quilted tablecovers, baskets from the dollar shop for storage, and flowers everywhere! Display pretty bowls and plates, and sew up comfy throw pillows to cozy up in.

Contemporary home decorators can use everyday objects in a simple way. Frame labels from your favorite kitchen products in sleek frames, and display them as a ceiling border around the kitchen. Use wire baskets from the dollar store for storage, and keep clutter under wraps. Keep your color scheme simple, and use paint to brighten up a room instead of collections.


I'm definitely far from being an interior designer and I'm not much of a crafty-type either. Unfortunately I think my house reflects that too. When I get a home furnishings catalog and find a room I absolutely adore, I cut out the picture and paste it into a scrapbook. As I find these home furnishings on sale or even cheaper look-a-likes that will work just as well, I will recreate the room.

Here's where I think I fail… I like too many different home décor styles. For example, I have a beach décor room that I recreated for my guest bedroom. My living room, on the other hand, is a contemporary décor. My guest bathroom is a country décor. Am I hopeless or can you recommend budget decorating tips to unify this look?

Kathy Wilson

I have the same problem! I appreciate so many different styles, its hard to pull it together. The best thing to do is to pick a style that you truly feel comfortable in (Not just that you think looks pretty) and speaks of who you are, then use variations of this theme in other rooms. For instance, I am a very outdoors, country girl so my home has a country theme. However, my main living area and kitchen are cottage style, my living room is a contemporary room with a few traditional accents, and my downstairs bath has a western country theme. If your rooms are separate, however, such as bedrooms, there is no reason not to have any style you want! Go for it!


I often buy home accessories such as wall décor and bedding when I find it on sale for 75% off. My favorite home furnishing retail stores that have a great inventory are Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, and Crate and Barrel. Sometimes I can even find kitchen accessories and kitchen appliances on sale with William Sonoma. These stores are far too expensive when they are not on sale though. If a person is looking for a gift or personal item, where do you find deep discounts?

Kathy Wilson

One of my favorite sites for home decor is Collections, Etc at Nothing is over $20!

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