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Don't get rid of that old dresser. There is no hard and fast rule that says dressers can only be used in bedrooms. In fact, dressers make unique pieces for other areas of the home if you give them a little love and a little updating.

A dresser can easily be made into a great kitchen island. The bureau or double dresser style is best for this purpose. Sand it down, wipe away the sanding residue, paint it in a glossy color and add a tile or butcher block surface to the top. If the dresser doesn't have casters, add them to the list. A buttery yellow dresser with bright white tiles on top will not only look great in your kitchen but will give your more workspace and storage. Change out the drawer pulls and add white ones to match the tiles.

If you decide on a butcher block top, consider a deeper color and metallic drawer pulls. Attack a piece of pegboard to each side of the dresser to hang up utensils. Install a spice rack or a paper towel holder on either end. The drawers can be used to store extra serving pieces, food storage containers, lids for pots and pans, dishtowels or anything else you want to stash out of sight.

Dining room
A double dresser with tall legs and lots of space beneath it can be transformed into a great hutch or sideboard. Sand it down and stain it with a rich, deep color. Update the hardware if needed. It will make a great buffet and the perfect place to store linens, silver and more. Check antique shops. A nice antique dresser generally runs less than an antique sideboard but will offer the same effect.

A dresser is also a great addition in a bathroom. In the bathroom, you might be able to use it as is and just move it in, fill the drawers with towels, toiletries and other items and add some accent pieces on top.

If the piece needs some repair, sand it down and paint the dresser to coordinate with your existing bathroom décor. If you are ready for a change, paint it in a great color and use it as inspiration for the rest of the space.

Add a mirror centered above the dresser or add a mirrored tray on top. Change the draw pulls to change the look instantly, and change existing hardware in the bathroom, such as on cabinetry, to match.

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