Ten Quick Ways to Redecorate Your Kitchen

Try these ten easy fixes to update your kitchen.

Updating your kitchen can bring a lot of personal satisfaction, plus it can help improve the value of your home for future resale. If you are thinking about a kitchen update, consider some of the following options to redecorate your kitchen area.

1. Paint
Choose a bright and vibrant color to repaint your kitchen. This is a great way to update its look. Choose a color that is warm and inviting for such a social area of the house. Since there is not much wall space due to the cabinetry, it shouldn't take too long. Just be sure to do a good job taping.

2. Countertops
If you want to make a dramatic difference when you redecorate, changing the countertops is one way to do it. There are many countertop options ranging in style and cost. Laminate is the most economical option. Today, you can even find laminate countertops that look just like granite. Or you can tile your countertops or invest in granite for a more dramatic look.

3. Backsplash
Changing the backsplash is another way to completely change the look of your kitchen. You can use a wallpaper border or tile the area with a pattern that bests compliments your countertops. You can even paint a border for your backsplash. There are many patterns available at the home improvement store.

4. Cabinetry
The most dominant feature in a kitchen is the cabinetry. Consider either replacing or re-facing it. Or you can even just repaint them - a more cost-effective way of changing the entire look of your kitchen cabinets. If you already painted the kitchen, be sure to choose a color to compliment your new wall color. Be sure to remove the cabinet doors when painting to make it a bit easier.

5. Hardware
If you do not want to replace or reface the cabinets, you can also give your kitchen a new look by simply replacing the hardware. The home improvement stores have many, many choices from plain pewter to elegant antique styles. Choose one that best fits the theme of your kitchen.

6. Faucet
Replacing the sink faucet is another update that can be a do-it-yourself project. It's not as hard to complete as you might initially think. Most faucets come with easy to install instructions. Try a decorative faucet that creates a dramatic effect in your kitchen.

7. Sink
As long as you are changing the faucet, consider replacing the sink, too. If your current sink is looking worn or scratched up, or no longer fits the new décor in your kitchen, it may be time to get a new one.

8. Appliances
Replacing your appliances can also update your kitchen. You can improve both efficiency and appearances by investing in new appliances. This can add up in costs, but may be worth it if you are looking for a dramatic change in the look of your kitchen.

9. Flooring
Consider updating your kitchen by changing the flooring. You can tile it, use hardwoods, or even use a popular new type of flooring: bamboo. This option may require professional help. If you want a quicker, easier flooring change, simply choose a rug or series of small rugs to makeover the look of your kitchen floor.

10. Accessories
One of the simplest and cheapest ways to update a kitchen is to simply change out the accessories. Choose a theme and buy new kitchen towels to compliment that theme. Find new canisters for things like flour and sugar, or purchase inexpensive but attractive dinnerware.

Updating your kitchen can be as simple or involved as you want it to be. Evaluate your space and how much time and money that you want to put into it and then make the changes to update your kitchen for a fresh, new look.

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