Storage Solutions for Decorating a Small Dining Room

One of the challenges that you have when decorating a small dining room is incorporating storage into your interior design, particularly since clutter is a big culprit in making a small room feel even smaller. Never fear. There are solutions that will help you maximize your floor space while containing your stuff.

Storage and Decorating a Small Living Room
When decorating a small dining room, the right dining table can make all of the difference. Finding a drop leaf dining table with storage drawers built in underneath would be ideal. The second best choice would be a normal dining table with built in storage. If you can't find a dining table with storage that you like, get a glass table. Since glass is transparent, a glass table will lend your dining room a more open feeling.

Another good space-saving great-storage piece of furniture is the old fashioned china cabinet. You can display your best china or favorite knickknacks in an uncluttered fashion while using the drawers for your table linens and tableware. The best china cabinet style for a small room is tall and thin.

Consider building cabinets from the floor to the ceiling on a smaller wall. Include glass in your design with lighting for display. If you decide to take this route, think about the frequency that you use your stuff. If you don't use something often, store it higher in the cabinet. Place your everyday items where they are easier to reach.

Look for hidden space. For example, if you have that glass dining table, you can put your current magazines in pretty baskets under the table. They will be seen, but be out of the way at the same time. If you have a wood dining table, cover the table with a floor length table cloth. You can still store those magazines in baskets underneath the table until you have guests.

Corners are often left open. Get a corner cabinet or table with drawers. Not only will a corner cabinet be useful for storage, corner cabinets add curved lines to rooms, breaking up horizontal lines and adding to the visual appeal of your dining room.

Keep it simple, uncluttered and clean and your dining room will shine.

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While small spaces do offer a bit of a challenge, the end result will be worth the initial struggle. One rule to remember is: Too much in a room and it becomes crowded, too little and it becomes sterile.

Optimizing those small spaces to make the most of your living space.

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