Turn Your Apartment Green with Envy

Leafy greens are excellent as food choices, but what else is green good for? Plenty, if you are discussing your apartment décor. Green is a very earthy color that comes in a variety of different shades, be they the palest of greens, a mossy green, a vibrant bright green or something more along the bluish-green line such as turquoise or aquamarine.

Living room green
If the color scheme of your living room is down to earth, liven up those browns, beiges and cream colors by adding a green throw rug, some plain-colored or patterned green toss cushions for your couch or chairs or a lamp with a green lampshade, or perhaps two green lamps on either side of your couch. Ferns in an attractive vase, either alone or interspersed with flowers, look very becoming in a living room, entryway or hallway. Whether they are real or artificial, arrange them in a way that gets noticed!

Kitchen green
Kitchens get a pick-me-up with some green dishcloths and towels and maybe an oven mitt and potholder that match. Green placemats are a good choice for your casual-dining needs. When you have company over for dessert, serve a chocolate or fruit dessert on green plates befitting a Saint Patrick's Day celebration! As an accompaniment to the green plates, provide green napkins to every one of your guests as well.

Bathroom green
A dark-green color scheme for the bathroom is always attractive. Purchase your bath mat, toilet seat cover and mat for the floor in an emerald or deep-green shade. These items are often sold in sets, so you should easily be able to coordinate all of the pieces together. Don't go overboard with the green however, otherwise your bathroom is liable to look like it was decorated by a leprechaun. Buy towels, washcloths and bath sheets in other colors or just in one color that offsets the green. White, black or burgundy are always good choices. Don't be too boring and only buy solid colors. Instead, experiment with some prints as well as stripes, florals, Aztec designs and my favorite, animal prints.

Bedroom green
As far as your bedroom goes, maybe the color green will fit here or maybe it won't. It has never been one of my favorite colors for my bedroom but perhaps it might suit you just fine. Maybe you would like to purchase a set of sheets in green or choose curtains or a blind in an attractive shade of green.

These are just a few suggestions to help make your apartment green with envy. Sometimes all it takes is the smallest touch, like bringing in a plant, placing a bowl of fruit in a green bowl on your kitchen table or buying a couple of green washcloths. Or maybe greet your guests with a green welcome mat at the door.

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