Decorate with Burlap Fabric

Decorating your home with fabric can be an inexpensive and easy way to create a dramatic new look in any room. Burlap fabric is often overlooked in favor of more popular home decorator fabrics such as silks, cottons and velours. 

Burlap fabric is often thought of as creating a rustic or bohemian look, but it can be used effectively for a sophisticated touch as well whether it's in a traditional home, a midcentury modern home or  something more contemporary.

Here are five ideas for how to use burlap in your home:

  1. As a window treatment. A natural or dark-colored burlap drapery over a white sheer curtain provides a rich contrast as well as versatility. You can leave both drapes open to enjoy the view, close the sheers to allow filtered sunlight while blocking prying eyes or close the burlap drapery over the sheer for a complete blackout effect for those noontime naps. This is a look that can work for any style from traditional to contemporary.
  2. As a wall covering. Burlap can be stretched and attached to a wall either with conventional wallpaper glue or by using starch as an adhesive. As a wall covering, an open-weave burlap can be used to hold an ever-changing array of art and artifacts simply by hooking them into the fabric. Or mount it over cork-board for additional versatility. Holes from thumbtacks and nails will disappear when removed. Burlap's low cost, high durability and ease of installation and replacement makes it ideal for many applications, from a child's room to the dining room.
  3. As a low-cost alternative to upholstery. Transform that sagging old sofa into a durable, kid and pet-friendly gathering place with burlap fabric. Wrap and tuck it around the existing cushions and drape it over the back and arms for a fast new look that's easy to remove and clean. Or you can have it sewn into form-fitting slip covers.
  4. To transform raw space. Basements, attics, garages or any unfinished space can be transformed into a playroom with a little creative use of burlap. Stretched and stapled over open studs or rafters provides a fast, fun solution to transforming that raw space into a play space. It's indestructible. And the improved acoustics may make your garage band sound just like Coldplay!
  5. As a throw or table covering. A soft, tight-weave burlap can serve as a cozy throw for a fraction of the price of a store-bought throw. Or it can provide a whole new look for your dinner table, either as a table cloth or as an accent runner. One of the best things about burlap is that the more you wash it, the softer it gets.

Most importantly, have fun with it and don't be afraid to be creative! You're only as limited as your imagination.

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