Bagua Tips for Feng Shui Beginners

Feng shui beginners need to get to know their bagua. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese system designed to influence architecture and interior design. Feng shui uses the position and composition of objects in the home to create a positive flow of energy called chi. Feng shui practitioners believe that the five basic elements (water, wood, fire, metal and earth) create a cycle that must be observed and kept in balance.

The Bagua And Feng Shui
The bagua (ba - eight; gua - area) is a feng shui map that guides the placement of objects and the décor of a space. Evolved from an octagon divided into eight sections around a central core, the bagua evolved into a grid of nine squares with the following properties:

Wealth Fame Relationships
Family Health & Balance Children & Creativity
Self-understanding Career Helpful Friends & Trave


To use the bagua, place the base of the map on the wall where the door is located. In theory, the areas of the room within each grid space can be manipulated to create positive effects in those areas of your life. For instance, the career area is influenced by water, so placing a water feature (a small fountain, a picture of the ocean) in that area can positively affect your career.

A basic principle of feng shui training holds that everything has a bagua. Your yard, home, bedroom and even your desk can all benefit from an application of the bagua map.

The Bagua Areas

  • Wealth - Influenced by the element wood, this space is also known as "hsun". Place an object that symbolizes wealth/prosperity in this space to attract success. Influenced by the color purple.
  • Fame - Known as "li" this space is influenced by the element fire. This is the space to celebrate your accomplishments, be they career, family or education oriented. The li gua should feature the color red. Burning candles in this space will also have a positive effect.
  • Relationships - Influenced by the element earth, this space is known as "kun". This space should be used to nurture and encourage love. Wedding albums and love letters should be displayed and this area should feature the colors pink and white.
  • Family - The "jen" space is influenced by the element wood. Placing green, living things in this space will enhance family relationships. Family photos in wooden frames will have a positive effect as well.
  • Health & Balance - The "tai chi" is the core of the space. What happens in this area influences the rest of the space. The tai chi should contain objects that inspire you and help create a contemplative atmosphere. Earth tones should be featured in this area.
  • Children & Creativity - Known as "dui" this space is influenced by the element metal. This area should be filled with light and color (whites and pastels) and should contain items that inspire creativity. Children are included in this space because childhood is when we're most imaginative.
  • Self-understanding - Influenced by the element earth, this space is known as "ken". This space should be well lit to represent illumination of the self. A great place to get work done, the ken should feature blues and greens with plenty of potted plants.
  • Career - the element water influences the "kan" space. You can create positive energy in this space by featuring items that represent water or the seashore. An aquarium, seashells or other water-themed items are appropriate here, as are dark colors.
  • Helpful Friends & Travel - Influenced by metal, this space is known as "chien". To promote travel or the help of friends, this space should feature a silver or gray box. Inside the box, keep a written prayer or note that gives thanks for the positives in your life. White, gray & black are positive colors for this area.
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