How to Use a Feng Shui Color Chart

The feng shui color chart is the way that feng shui practicioners harmonize colors.

Feng Shui And The Bagua Map
One of the primary tools of Feng Shui is the bagua (ba - eight; gua - area). The bagua breaks a space down into eight different areas around a central core (known as the tai chi). Each of the gua has an influence over different areas of everyday life. The Bagua also links elements and colors to each of the areas of the map.

The Meaning Of Color in Feng Shui Design

  • Red - The color of fire and passion, red should be used sparingly, lest it lead to anger and over stimulation. Perfect for accessories in eating areas and living rooms. Avoid in kid's rooms or painting entire walls. Often used in the upper-center space of the bagua to promote fame & reputation.
  • Pink - The color of love, pink may be used to promote intimate as well as casual relationships. A staple of the upper-right area of the bagua, pink is used to enhance "kun" or relationship energy.
  • Orange - Although not strongly tied to a gua on the color chart, orange combines fire and earth, making it perfect to promote high spirits and conversation. Perfect for use in kitchens, living rooms or other gathering areas.
  • Yellow - Signifying prestige and honor in Chinese culture, yellow amplifies positive energy. Used in the tai chi, or core of the space, yellow can inspire meditation and spiritual awareness.
  • Green - A calming color, green promotes energy, growth and well-being. Often associated with the middle-left gua (health and family), green can be used in most any room using plants.
  • Blue - Representing both the sea and the sky, blue has a calming effect that makes it great for bedrooms and areas that require concentration-like work or study areas. Often used in the lower row of spaces in the bagua, particularly for careers and self-understanding.
  • Black - The color of power and protection, black brings sophistication to any space, but should be used sparingly. Often used in the career gua of a space to promote positive energy.
  • White - A strong color that increases the light in a room, white is used to promote creativity and create a strong chi influence.
  • Purple - A combination of fire and water, purple is a high-energy color that should be used in moderation. Commonly used to promote wealth and abundance.
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Feng shui beginners need to get to know their bagua. 

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