Proper Use and Placement of Feng Shui Mirrors

Feng shui experts use mirrors to alter the flow of life energy (called chi) around your home. In the feng shui philosophy, mirrors work by channeling the energy of the water element.

Reflecting On Feng Shui Mirror Use
In feng shui, mirrors are used to: expand the apparent size of an area, to reflect chi to a specific area and to deflect negative energy (called sha chi) away from a specific area. When placing mirrors for to alter the flow of chi, consider the following tips:

  • Make a clear reflection. Use clear mirrors, free of distortion. Also, avoid using mirror "tiles" which will break up the reflection, reducing the effectiveness of the reflected image.
  • Make and entrance. Avoid putting a mirror on the wall opposite the entryway to a space-the mirror will reflect chi energy back out through the door. It is a better practice to place a mirror on a sidewall relative to the entrance. If you can't avoid a mirror that reflects back on an entrance, place a large floral arrangement in front of the mirror to keep the chi from being reflected away.
  • Shapes are important. The shape of your mirror has an impact on how it works. Square or rectangular mirrors enhance balance; octagonal mirrors enhance power and circular mirrors enhance purity.
  • Double up. A mirror has the power to double the effects of the objects it reflects. If the mirror reflects something negative, it will create twice the negative effect. On the other hand, a mirror that reflects positive things like plants or a stove burner will double the positive effect of these objects.
  • Where not to place mirrors. Don't place mirrors where they reflect into each other-this can trap the chi as it bounces back and forth. Also, don't place mirrors where they'll reflect your image as you sleep.
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Feng shui beginners need to get to know their bagua. 

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