1950s Retro Kitchen

Retro kitchen styles are making a comeback. 

The 1950s hit the United States with a bang. The post-World War II glow brought prosperity to many. The 1950s saw the introduction of Barbie dolls and the opening of Disneyland. Girls wore ponytails and poodle skirts. The actor James Dean symbolized the rebellious teenager of the era. Families flocked to drive-ins, kids already dressed in their jammies, for a night at the movies. Kitchens came into the Cold War spotlight with the famous "Kitchen Debates" between Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev and Vice-President Richard Nixon, a tense discussion of the virtues of capitalism versus communism. Today, you can find many ideas about retro '50s kitchen styles to reflect this bygone era in your own home.

The 1950s Kitchen

A 1950s kitchen represented the age of linoleum and soft pastel colors, like pink and blue. Electric can openers and four-slice toasters started to appear in more kitchens, along with stoves with double ovens. Think vinyl chairs with Formica tables and refrigerators with curvy doors. Kitchens became more convenient for the whole family.

Retro '50s Kitchen - Go for the Old

One way of going '50s in your home is to go back to the 1950s themselves. Of course, you can't actually go back in time, but you can find kitchen appliances, decorations and clothing in working, displaying and wearing order at antique shops, antiques shows and swap meets across the country. Be careful, though. The hunt can become addicting.

Don't forget to include period cookbooks in your kitchen. Dried beef appetizers, anyone?

1950s Kitchen The Modern Way

You can find the outer shells of 1950s appliances with the insides using modern technology so that you can have the look of the 1950s with more conveniences. Many companies also offer reproductions of vintage clocks, metal signs and clothing for your convenience.

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