Children's Decor: Decorating Kids Rooms

Having a large family means sharing rooms. It's just a fact of life. However, that doesn't mean children's décor can't still include individual personality. Decorating kids' rooms can be a little challenging when attempting to combine two very different styles and still achieve a cohesive look, but it wouldn't be any fun if there weren't some challenges, right?

Big kids' rooms
For my older kids, the task was fairly simple. They don't want a rigid design plan. They like to rearrange frequently, and they prefer to decorate with posters. They both like dark blue, so that was the starting point. One wanted accents of red, and the other prefers burgundy and other rich colors. They compromised with a deep red that is nearly burgundy and each one has her own special accessories scattered about her side of the room. While both areas are very different, they still work together.

One has a duvet cover in blue with deep red sheets and the other has the opposite. They have blue bed skirts, and the curtains are blue with a glittery design incorporated into the fabric. Both collect things and use their collections as part of the bedroom décor.

Little kids' rooms
Coming up with ideas for decorating kids' rooms when favorite colors don't work together is a little more challenging. That's the case with my youngest children. One loves purple. The other likes purple, but really loves orange. I don't like orange and purple together. It feels like chaos. Soon after I explained this, the older of the two became fascinated with dolphins. I thought, "Cool! Dolphins mean water, which means blue, and I can do blue and purple." With just the right shades, I can blend these two colors together to get a much more cohesive look than I ever could with purple and orange.

Getting inspired
I saw a great set of curtains with just the right shades of purples and blues at a home center, but it also incorporated lime green, which I'd rather leave out. They were also quite pricey, but they did inspire me to create curtains with a similar design. I'm going to sew wide vertical stripes of blues and purples together to make window treatments.

I found blue towels with dolphin trim that will make awesome pillows. They also had a dolphin theme soap-dish and other typical bath accessories to match.

My youngest thought these ideas were "way cool" and she has agreed to adding dolphins with the stipulation that I decorate using purple too. I found some cute pillows that come in both blue and purple that I'm also going to use, and I have seen some great fabrics for those curtains I'm going to make.

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