Decorating Kids Rooms with Neutral Colors

Decorating kid's rooms is where you can let your imagination run wild and help shape the future. After all, you are seeding the imagination of a future citizen of the world.

But children grow up fast, and if you don't want to have to redecorate every year, consider using a basic neutral palette that can be frequently and easily updated with accessories.

Tans, taupes, grays and that old stand-by, white, can be accessorized with furnishings in almost any color or theme for an ever-changing look.

As any parent knows, a child's tastes can change on a whim. Is your child crazy about animals? Fill a neutral room with stuffed animals, animal print fabrics and posters and suddenly you've got a jungle or an African safari.

And if your child suddenly becomes obsessed with fire trucks or rocket ships? Clear out the animals and replace with rocket models or fireman-themed accessories. You can turn on a dime without having to re-paint and carpet if you stick with neutral base colors.

Think about letting your child do the decorating. Cover the walls with dry-erase boards and keep the room supplied with magic markers, crayons or water colors. Your child's creativity will flourish, and who knows? You might be raising the next Picasso or Jackson Pollack!

Or cover the walls with cork where your child can post their favorite photos, posters, magazine clippings or even their own creations. It can be fascinating to see your child's "dream board" take shape.

The only hard-and-fast rule when it comes to decorating kid's rooms is safety first. Be wary of furnishings with sharp corners, splintering wood or things that can be easily broken off and swallowed.

Then consider convenience. Provide for lots of storage for diapers and baby supplies. Or storage for your child as he or she grows older with bins, baskets and trunks to hold toys and games.

Most of all, have fun! A child's room should be all about fun, adventure and creativity.

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