Common Decorating Mistakes in the Kitchen

Avoid decorating mistakes in the kitchen with the following advice.

Decorating mistakes are easy to make, especially in the kitchen, where they tend to be costly. Avoid these common decorating mistakes so that you don't waste money on expensive redesigning that just doesn't work.

The biggest decorating mistake that you can make when redoing a kitchen is choosing decor that is too trendy. Although it is nice to keep up with current styles, making your kitchen trendy is usually expensive. There are several areas in your kitchen that can be worth a splurge, but choose to go overly trendy instead of classic, and you may regret your decision.

The cabinets are perhaps the feature that is the most noticeable in a kitchen. Get the cabinet style wrong and it will really stick out. Avoid decorating mistakes here by steering away from the latest fad in cabinetry. Instead, choose a classic look that will appeal to future buyers. If you're looking for a way to incorporate the latest trends, however, consider your cabinets' hardware. It is relatively inexpensive to change your cabinets' drawer pulls and door handles. Trendy cabinet hardware isn't a decorating mistake because you can change pulls and knobs easily if your kitchen starts to look dated.

Another area where it is easy to make a decorating mistake is the countertops. Instead of choosing a color that really stands out, stick with a more neutral color. Also, consider carefully before choosing your materials. The newest fad in countertops can be very expensive -- and difficult to change once your kitchen starts looking dated. Even granite countertops are now considered "out" by some. Play it safe with the countertops and be trendy in a less expensive area.

Remember avocado green dishwashers and refrigerators? Once the rage, they are now considered quite the decorating mistake. Again, go with a neutral color that can stand the test of time, like white or black.

Flooring is another area where it is easy to make a decorating mistake. Linoleum and bamboo flooring were once considered good choices for the kitchen. Now they are considered out of style. You are probably pretty safe if you choose tile or hardwoods. However, with tile you should not choose any patterns that are too crazy and have the potential to become quickly outdated.

In order to avoid decorating mistakes in the kitchen, it almost seems like you have to be bland and anti-style. However, that is not the case. Although it's smarter to stick with classic neutral colors for dominant features that are expensive to replace, there are areas of the kitchen where you can be trendy.

  • As already mentioned, cabinet hardware is an easy way to spice up your kitchen.
  • Colorful rugs can enhance your flooring.
  • Paint on the walls is a great way to be trendy. Compliment your cabinetry and countertops but choose a color that adds a sense of style. If you later decide that it was a decorating mistake, you can simply repaint the kitchen
  • If you have space for barstools, this can be a way to spice up your kitchen. Buy a couple of stools that are fun and add to your kitchen's appearance.
  • Decorations, artwork, and even your dinnerware can all add a distinctive style to your kitchen and can be changed easily if they ever appear to be a decorating mistake.

When decorating your kitchen, avoid mistakes by planning for the future. Think about what changes you can make to your kitchen that will stand the test of time. Save the trendy choices for smaller, less expensive additions to your kitchen and you can avoid decorating mistakes.

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