Decorating Mistakes in the Bathroom

Avoid decorating mistakes in the bathroom with the following tips.

It is easy to make decorating mistakes in the bathrooms in your home. If you focus on being trendy instead of practical or you are not intentional in your decorating, mistakes are sure to follow. Avoid these common decorating mistakes as you design the bathrooms in your house.

Decorating choices that are not functional
A common decorating mistake for bathrooms is to forget the purpose of the room when decorating. Bathrooms are the rooms in the house with the most moisture. They are used for the specific purpose of getting ready. Decorating the room with items that are not water resistant or having poor lighting prevent the bathroom from being functional. When choosing what goes into a bathroom, avoid making a decorating mistake by decorating around the room's purpose.

All function and no form
On the flipside, you can also make a decorating mistake by making the bathroom purely functional. It should still be aesthetically pleasing, especially if it is a bathroom that guests will be using. Keep that in mind as you select pictures or artwork, the towels, etc.

Too many decorations
With all of the moisture and products such as hairspray floating around, bathrooms can get pretty dirty. Filling your bathroom with too many decorative items is a decorating mistake. Too many items can mean a lot of extra work cleaning, or decorations with a thick film of hairspray dulling them. Instead limit or eliminate knickknacks and collectibles in the bathroom.

Use some creativity to avoid these decorating mistakes and still have an attractive bathroom. You can find decorative hand towels, soap dispensers, shower curtains, etc. that will spruce up your bathrooms and help you avoid making decorating mistakes.

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The master bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any house. Coordinating colors, shapes and textures throughout the entire master bedroom and bathroom suite is the best way to pull the decor all together and create an oasis that truly is fit for royalty.

Cast aside thoughts of having a dull, lifeless bathroom in your apartment and go with a central theme that appeals to you. If you're a true romantic at heart, consider the beautiful and stylish romantic theme.

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For the first fifty or so years since the bathroom first moved inside the house, it was strictly for no-frills utility. A sink, a toilet, a tub and maybe a separate shower resided among acres of cold, white porcelain tile. Bathrooms had all the charm of a prison hospital.

With the hectic lifestyles led by most people today, a great deal of rare personal time is spent in the bathroom. So, it seems sensible to design a master bathroom that promotes relaxation and tranquility, yet still reflects the owner's personal taste.

There is no need to have a boring, nondescript bathroom in your apartment. Find your creative spark and run with it! To get you started, let's take a look at two central themes that you might want to go with- the jungle theme and the beach theme.

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