Handmade Personalized Towel

Towels are expensive, especially handmade personalized towels. Yet, we all love them and I'd wager most of us like to keep a special set of towels on hand for company. To keep the cost down, I decided it was time I learned how to personalize my own towels without relying on costly, store-bought personalization. Not only do personalized towels fit the bill for your own bath as well as the guest bathroom, but they make great gifts for all occasions. Who wouldn't love a personalized gift? And what's more, they're easy to make and perfect as bridal shower gifts. Who would have thought to decorate towels you've purchased on sale, by adding accessories or sewing and embroidering on them, would be such a fun project?

First of all, a three-color scheme for any bathroom is plenty. Mine is yellow, white, and black. With that color scheme I can go with something plain or something a little more decorative. In the past I have only used monogrammed towels, white with black lettering, and matching shower curtain. But I think I'm going to take a walk on the wild side this time around and go with polka dots and stripes, maybe even plaid.


  • Plain white towels-sale items: two bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths.

  • Several different types of matching ribbon in stripes, polka dots, and plaids, which often are sale items of the week at fabrics stores. Whatever your decorating style desires.

  • Puffy paint in three matching colors (also purchase green if you plan on adding vines or stems for flowers).

How to create a handmade personalized towel

  • Wash the towels separately; thoroughly dry.

  1. Sew the ribbon along the both ends of the hand towel, being careful to fold ribbon ends under so there is nothing that can fray.

  2. Do the same for the bath towels, but also sew another line of ribbon about four to six inches higher on the towel. Inside this area you can add a design.

  3. Decide on a pattern you'd like to add to the towels. You can make a flower rosette with the ribbon, like I did, by folding it back on itself in increments of ½ an inch and stitching it in place. Decorate to your own tastes or to that of the person who will receive the personalized towel as a gift.

  4. Use the green puffy paint to make stems or a vine.

  5. In one of the four corners of the washcloth, make a matching flower.

  6. If you plan on using initials only, follow the same instructions as above.

Viola! You not only have a beautiful set of worthy guest towels, you also have a beautiful gift that will cost you under $15 (or less, depending on the type of sale you find).


  • Creating handmade personalized towels is also a project that can be done with children and would be a perfect project for organized groups, such as Girl Scouts or a class.

  • They're perfect as a housewarming gift.

  • Towels also can be personalized with names and dates, etc.

  • Handmade personalized towels make great bridal shower gifts.

  • Don't rush your project. Instead, keep a box of "goodies" tucked away in your closet for rainy day experimentation. When you find towels or puffy paint or ribbon on sale, pick up a couple. When you have all of the necessary items, you can sew at your leisure.

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