Paint Colors and Themes to Create a Relaxing Master Bathroom

A master bathroom can be more than a place to take a shower and ready yourself for the workday. Instead, it can be an oasis to relax in at the end of a stressful day, complete with a glass of wine and a good book. But to get that feeling of comfort and tranquility, you must transform your space into a room that soothes. Whether you're decorating your master bathroom for the first time or redecorating an outdated, inadequate space, choosing paint colors and themes to create a relaxing master bathroom is a simple way to cater to your body's need for rest and relaxation.

How do you define relaxation?

Take a moment to visualize your ideal relaxation retreat. It's probably not your current accommodations, which lack a unified sense of style and purpose. Does your ideal retreat more closely resemble an upscale spa, complete with calming hues and luxurious décor? If the answer is yes, it's time to dig deep into your inner desires so you can turn your dream master bathroom into a reality.

Because the epitome of peace and relaxation is different for everyone, you must first decide what defines those terms for you. It may be visions of a white-sand beach bordered by crystal-clear, crashing waves or the solitude of a snow-capped mountaintop surrounded by the trickling waters of a natural spring. Maybe it's the mysterious aura of a faraway, foreign land or a rainforest featuring a wide array of wildlife and dew-drenched tree leaves. Figuring out what constitutes your idea of a peaceful space is the first step to creating a relaxing master bathroom.

Paint can be magical

Perhaps the most important aspect to consider when designing your master bathroom is the variety of paint colors available to suit nearly every style and theme. It's hard to imagine that something can make such a huge difference and cost only around $25 per can. To create an ambience of solace and serenity, choose cool colors, such as blue, green and violet. Because these tones evoke thoughts of water and wilderness, applying them to your master bathroom will make the walls seem to recede, thus opening up your space and making even the smallest of rooms seem much larger. Trim and ceilings in a rich ivory instead of stark, shocking white can maintain that sense of calm.

Once you've chosen the perfect paint to create a relaxing master bathroom, you'll need to complement your colors with décor. For a mountaintop or rainforest theme, consider an indoor water fountain that can be set on a small table or bathroom counter to create sounds reminiscent of a babbling brook. Electronic sound spa devices can offer an assortment of soothing sounds, ranging from a raging surf to the chirps of exotic wild birds. Adding greenery to counter tops or shelving units in your master bathroom can bring the outdoors in. Calming aromatherapy candles set in decorative trays that are filled with shiny polished stones can help transform a dull shower spot into a one-of-a-kind relaxation station you'll never want to leave.

Even if you can't change your fixtures, you can work wonders with paint colors and themes to create a relaxing master bathroom.

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The master bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any house. Coordinating colors, shapes and textures throughout the entire master bedroom and bathroom suite is the best way to pull the decor all together and create an oasis that truly is fit for royalty.

Cast aside thoughts of having a dull, lifeless bathroom in your apartment and go with a central theme that appeals to you. If you're a true romantic at heart, consider the beautiful and stylish romantic theme.

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For the first fifty or so years since the bathroom first moved inside the house, it was strictly for no-frills utility. A sink, a toilet, a tub and maybe a separate shower resided among acres of cold, white porcelain tile. Bathrooms had all the charm of a prison hospital.

There is no need to have a boring, nondescript bathroom in your apartment. Find your creative spark and run with it! To get you started, let's take a look at two central themes that you might want to go with- the jungle theme and the beach theme.

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house, yet so often overlooked and underdecorated. Replacing bathroom fixtures and accessories and adding a few creative touches can make a big splash in a little room and can be done for well under $75.

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