Master Bedroom Decorating on a Budget

For many parents, the last room in the home to get any loving care is the master bedroom. Even though it is Mom and Dad's retreat, it doesn't always feel that way. Most parents tend to decorate children's rooms and the main living areas first, always intending to get around to their room. Well, now it's time go for it. You can inject some romance without spending a lot of money and you'll make your master bedroom into a space you love.

Start with simple window treatments
One way to add some romance with little cost or effort is to add a layer of wispy sheers or lace panels to your existing window treatments. These items are very inexpensive and you can put them up in mere minutes. If you can't find affordable lace panels, consider purchasing lace by the yard. Making panels requires very little sewing. If you can sew straight lines (or reasonably straight) you can do it. Simply hem all sides, sewing the top hem last and making it large enough to slip over a curtain rod.

Add luxurious fabrics
Make some great accent pillows for your bed or recover existing pillows with luxurious fabrics. Since you won't need much fabric, you can use lush materials without breaking the bank. Get creative and use things you already have, such as a silk shirt or satin nightgown that you no longer wear. Add a soft chenille throw. You can often find such items on sale, especially during warmer months.

Include romantic artwork
Artwork doesn't have to cost a fortune. In fact, you can find beautiful prints and photo calendars that contain gorgeous images such as breathtaking sunsets or landscapes. Use existing frames or pick up some up at thrift shops or yard sales. Those with intricate detailing will work best with other romantic elements. Paint, stain or distress if desired.

Use candles to add more romance
Candlelight is perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere, and candles are very affordable accessories so add lots of them to your space. Select different sizes and shapes from the smallest votive to large pillar candles and tall tapers. Arrange them in a grouping or several groupings around the room. For the best effect, choose candles that are the same color or very similar shades.

Dress your bed with great sheets
Sheets can sometimes be pricey, so this may seem like a splurge, but you deserve at least one great set of sheets. Besides, you can find excellent deals on sheets that look and feel wonderful instead of paying top dollar. Shop online at discount outlets and don't miss out on those white sales.

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