Master Bedroom Suite Design Primer

When nothing else in the world appears to be right, you can always count on the master bedroom suite being perfect; that is, if you take the time to design it to suit your tastes.

Design Primer

When designing your own personal master bedroom suite, your motto should be "take your time and leave no stone unturned." Are you envisioning a master bedroom suite that has slate tiles and French doors that lead to rock gardens filled with flowers bursting in vivid colors that just beg to be brought inside? If you are, then you are not alone.

More and more master bedroom suites overlook gardens and patios with doors that swing wide to invite the outdoors inside. Flowers, both inside and outside the master suite, are appealing to the senses, and when you're decorating your own space, you should be appealing to all five senses.

Design your bedroom around things you love, things that comfort you and things that complement you, as well as the rest of the house. Incorporate color, shape, design and eye appeal as well as personal tastes-be that eccentric, lavish, simple or sparse. Whatever it is your heart desires, romance, comfort, peace, solitude, energy, ordinary or extraordinary, this is the one place that is entirely yours to design.

Where to Begin

  • Start with nothing. Empty the room and look at it from every angle. What aspects of the room do you love? Take advantage of natural lighting. Do you like the way the morning sun shines into your space? Is the afternoon sun overpowering? Is the room spacious? Or is the room small and cozy?
  • Colors are mood enhancers. Visualize a color that makes you feel good. Sea colors are calming and relaxing. Warmer colors, such as yellows, golds, oranges and reds, will bring passion to a room, but these colors are vibrant and may also bring unrest. Weigh the pros and cons. It's unfortunate that all shades of white appear to be getting a bad rap. Despite the sterile association with white, this color can also be very soothing and comforting, and there are different subtle shades to choose from. Stark white is not recommended for a bedroom, but more creamy colors can be breathtakingly beautiful and sensual.

    Be careful when using two or more shades or tints that you don't jar the senses with colors that clash.

  • Choose your colors based on several factors. For one, does it flow with the rest of your décor? Does it enhance or detract from what you already have going on in your home? Does the color pick up and reflect other colors that can be seen through your window?
  • The bed will anchor the room. The focal point will be the bed, so display it as elegantly as possible. The bed is normally the largest piece of furniture in the room, and it is the one piece of furniture necessary to the room, so display it prominently.The layout of the room will help you decide where you'll put the bed. If you have a walkout into the garden or an exceptional window view, naturally you'll want the bed to be facing that view, if possible. If you have two windows on the same wall, you might want to center the bed between them or set the bed at an angle to offset the windows. Make sure you have enough room for a nightstand beside the bed or at the foot of the bed.
  • Downplay other furniture. Once you have decided on the color and the bed placement, it's time to think about the dressers or nightstands. Will there be built-in dressers? Will you have room for a nightstand on either side of the bed? If not, consider storage or a night table that's built in to the headboard.

Sitting Room and Bath

Many master bedroom suites include a sitting room or sitting area that compliments the main room. Keeping this room private is also a way to give the room more character. Double doors can be used as dividers to keep the sitting room slightly separate from the master bedroom, yet when the doors are open the feel of being a part of the whole returns. In this manner, you can close the doors when you want complete privacy in the bedroom or in the sitting room. The same can be said of the master bath. If you have the space, opt for a shower separate from the tub, and then go for an extra-large tub with all the amenities. There's nothing quite like sitting in a tub and letting the water jets relax your tired body after a hard day's work.

Flooring Is Crucial

Climate is crucial when deciding on flooring. Warm climates beg for tiles and stone floors that are cool to the touch, but cold climates or locations with changing seasons call for a different strategy. Carpets are like comfort food for the feet in winter months, and hardwood floors are just as comforting to the eye. Make an educated decision. If you can't make up your mind based on comfort level, let cost be the deciding factor. Can you afford hardwood flooring? There are do-it-yourself kits that are not that complicated to install, and there are vinyls with wood grain that are easy to mistake for the real thing. Which works best with your budget?

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