Choosing Authentic Pieces for Your Moroccan Bedroom Décor

Moroccan bedroom décor is a great way to bring energy and an exotic look to your room. Long a center of Mediterranean trade, Moroccan culture is a mix of Arab, French and Spanish influences. The imprint of these diverse cultures creates an eclectic palette of design ideas.

Furniture To Fit Your Moroccan Bedroom Décor
Moroccan design has been influenced by Mediterranean, African and even Asian cultures, so your watchword should be "eclectic." Traditional Moroccan furniture features darkly stained wood, intricate inlaid designs and the inclusion of metal (typically wrought iron) into wooden pieces.

Antique and specialty stores are a good place to start when looking for Moroccan styled furniture. You can also find many traditional pieces available on the Internet. Living Morocco  is one such source of authentic Moroccan furniture. Don't forget to prowl second-hand furniture stores as well.

Accessories Spice Up Your Moroccan Bedroom Décor

Close your eyes and imagine a market bazaar in the heart of the Casbah. If you see heaps of assorted goods and smell an overwhelming array of spices, you're on the right track. Copying this scene in your bedroom is probably a bit much, but taking hints from it will give your room an authentic feel. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Lighting - lighting should be moody and romantic. Moroccan glass lamps and candles in jewel-toned holders should dominate. Avoid harsh overhead lighting if possible.
  • Rugs - Plush rugs with intricate designs will create a comfortable foundation for your Moroccan bedroom. Even if you currently have carpeting, consider an extra area rug to create an air of luxury.
  • Curios - Small, exotic pieces should dot the room, giving it a well-traveled air. A small clay jar or an intricately designed Moroccan tile displayed on a picture stand would fit perfectly on you dresser.
  • Curtains - Avoid traditional patterns and consider solids and stripes. Whatever style curtains you choose, make sure they reach to the floor-the more rich fabrics you have in the room, the better.
  • Decorative doors - Decorative doors can be an awesome focal point. Available in carved, painted or inlaid designs, these doors can be antique or professionally aged. Hang a door on the wall behind your bed or use it as a unique headboard.
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