4 Teen Bedroom Color Schemes Your Kids Will Love

Bedroom color schemes are hard to come by, and decorating a teen bedroom can be a challenge-teens have an increasing need to be independent and want to show it in the design of their rooms. Parents, on the other hand, want to protect the value of their home and are reluctant to do anything extravagant. The good news is that with creativity and communication both of your needs can be met.

The Teen Bedroom And Color Theory
As you begin to plan your teen bedroom color scheme, you'll find that the color wheel can be a valuable tool. You can pick up a color wheel at most art supply stores. Once you have one, take a look at it. The colors yellow, red and blue (called primary colors) form a triangle that spans the wheel. The colors orange, green and purple (called secondary colors) form another triangle.

The location and relationships of colors on the wheel can help you create a pleasing color scheme. Consider the following combinations:

  • Complimentary - Colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel (red and green for example) are considered complimentary. Complimentary colors create maximum contrast and visual interest.
  • Analogous - The two colors on either side of a color on the wheel are called analogous colors. Three colors grouped in this manner (blue, green and yellow for example) create a harmonious color arrangement that can be quite pleasing.
  • Color temperature - Colors on the same side of the color wheel are said to share similar temperatures. Yellow, orange and red are considered warm colors, while green, blue and purple are considered cool colors. A color scheme with the same color temperature can create a strong mood.

The Rule of Threes
Many decorators agree that when choosing colors for a room, you should limit the number of colors to around three. This way, you can have a primary color, a secondary color and an accent color. Using this theory, your primary color would be used on three walls, your secondary color would be used for the fourth wall and your accent color would be used for the trim or other accessories.

Teen Bedroom Color Schemes

  • Coffee and teal. This color combination is very hot among contemporary clothing designers. The warm brown coffee tones create a comforting, cozy feel, while the teal is used to create a modern, sophisticated combination.
  • Go team! If you have a teen that follows a sports team, consider painting his room in team colors. If the colors seem overpowering, consider using a neutral color as the primary color and the team colors as secondary or accent colors.
  • But it's my favorite. You can't go wrong by asking your teen for her favorite color. It's easy to take a color, apply it to the color wheel and come up with a pleasing color scheme. Encouraging your teen to use lighter shades of her favorite will make repainting the room easier when she changes her mind-and she will!
  • A field of dreams. Here's a great idea for the teen interested in a specific sport: paint the room a moss green and then accent it in white to make the room look like a playing field. A baseball fan could have some outfield markers (390 to right field) painted on, while a football fan could add hash marks to one wall.
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