Inexpensive Curtain Rod Ideas

When you think designer, you think new, innovative and definitely stylish. You certainly don't think inexpensive. Using everyday objects for curtain rods not only adds whimsy to a room, it is also free if you use what you have on hand. Here are a few inexpensive curtain rod ideas to adapt to your situation, depending upon the weight of your curtains and which type you are hanging.

Most of these can be hung using the hardware that accompanies a cafe curtain rod (three hooks that extend from the wall about three inches, one on the left, one on the right and one in the middle for support).

Boys bedrooms, Mens study
Boys love sports and there are many things in their world that could be creatively manipulated into a curtain rod. Keep your eye out for vintage sports supplies at yard sales and flea markets. You may find yourself having a conversation with your son about curtains and accessories.

Golf clubs will be a favorite with the grown men while the younger boys will probably gush over a fishing pole. You can also try rowing oarsand ski poles.

Country villa
Homes with decidedly country themes have the opportunity to use nature as their guide when it comes to design. A home with simple tab-top curtains and simple accessories cries for a simple window embellishment. Take a walk outside and choose your decor today.

A thick branchworks beautifully and, with careful searching, several can be acquired in fairly comparable sizes. Keeping the extending branches intact adds to the rustic charm and gives a room an almost artsy quality.

The budgeteer
If you like the look of a traditional pole, you can make one yourself for less than half the cost of buying one through a department store. Go to any lumber supply store and buy a length of closet doweling to meet your needs. Decorative finials to screw into each end are usually sold at the same store. Stain it or give it a faux finish.

A bamboo torchthat you find at import stores makes an adorable curtain rod as long as you remove the inside torch portion of it. These pair nicely with sheer, breezy panels and add a summer vacation-like feel to a room.

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