How to Sew a Valance

You can learn how to sew a valance even if you can barely thread a needle. Valances will accent your windows and add beauty to the interior of your home.

How to Sew a Valance: Method 1

Measure your window's width. Then, multiply that number by 1.5. Measure the length of the window. The length of your valance should be one quarter of the total window length plus 1 inch. Therefore, if your window is 24 inches wide, the width of your fabric should be 36 inches. If the length, or height, of your window is also 36 inches, the length of the fabric should be 10 inches.

You will need two pieces of fabric, one sheer and one the fabric of your choice. Cut both pieces of fabric according to your calculations. Put the fabric pieces together right side in. If you pin the pieces together, you will find it an easier sewing job. Stitch the pieces with a ½ inch seam. Before you completely sew the fabric together, stop and pull the pieces right side out. Iron the seams flat. Then, slip stitch the pieces closed.

Attach the valance to the curtain rod using clip rings.

Alternatively, you can sew loops into the valance and use those instead of clip rings.

How to Sew a Valance: Method 2

This method is really similar to the first method. The difference is that you can create your own pattern. This will take you away from having a straight line across your window. Double check the pattern against the window before you cut your fabrics to make sure that you have the length and width to your satisfaction. In addition, remember to add tolerances for hemming.

Be creative with your pattern design. You can make scalloped valances or V-shaped valances. You can have tails on the sides or not.

Once you have cut your fabrics, the method of sewing your pattern together is be the same as above.

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