Save Energy With Thermal Draperies

You've insulated your home, installed energy efficient appliances, and turned out lights when not in use. What more can you do to save energy costs in your home? How about thermal draperies?

Windows are the number one source for energy loss, where heat escapes in the winter and cold air leaks out in the summer.

Just like thermal underwear that keeps you warm and snug by trapping warm air between layers of waffle-textured fabric, thermal draperies can trap air by adding a layer of special thermal foam lining that keeps warm air in and cold air out. Research shows that thermal draperies can provide five times the protection from heat transfer of regular draperies.

Although slightly heavier than regular drapes, thermal draperies are not much thicker than a lined drapery or one lined with a blackout liner. Otherwise they hang, drape and operate like any other curtain.

Thermal draperies are available pre-made in a variety of standard sizes in any style from rod pocket to tab top to pinch pleated draperies. Or you can have custom draperies made to order with the fabric of your choice over a thermal lining.

You'll find pre-made thermal draperies anywhere you'd buy regular draperies including bed and bath stores, home furnishings stores and department stores. They're even available online. The cost is comparable to the price you'd pay for any lined curtain.

Thermal draperies will block out more light than an unlined curtain, but not as much as a blackout curtain. If you want blackout capability, use a heavier fabric or combine with another layer of lining.

Whether you're buying pre-made draperies or having them custom made, ask your supplier about adding a thermal lining. Like any investment in energy-efficient upgrades, they'll pay for themselves many times over. And the savings should appear in your very first energy bill.

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