Build a Garden Teepee

Certain plants in your kids' garden, such as beans, peas and other vining plants, need some support. Build a garden teepee to help these plants and add a little decorative flair to your garden. A stick teepee is the perfect solution for your kids' garden. It frees up space, it's fun for the kids to make and it can be made using a few simple and inexpensive items.

You can use sticks and branches or you can buy wooden stakes. Make sure the branches that you use are relatively straight and at least four to five feet long. Most climbing plants will adapt to any length, but long viners will need a fair amount of space.

Have the kids choose where they want the teepee. Work in the area that you intend to put the teepee. Once the garden teepee is put together you can move it, but it would be easier if it were built in the intended area of use.

First, set four branches or sticks up against each other, much like a camping tent. Tie these together with twine. There are several types of twine available. Treated twine is not recommended for use in the garden. Garden twine will decay after a few years of use, but it will not harm your edibles and flowers with harsh chemicals.

Add as many sticks as you like and tie the bundle together at the top. Adding a twine climbing rope gives the vines more climbing surface to cling to.

These garden teepees are good for any climbing plant and can also be a great climbing post for flowers such as morning glories or nasturtium. The kids might even want to build several of these garden teepees for a whole garden of climbing posts.

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