How to Make a Fantastic Fairy Garden

Kids, especially young girls, love fairies. These tiny little mythological creatures have been in our mindset and imagination for thousands of years. Fairies are said to love the outdoors. Why not dedicate a garden in their name? Here's how.

Fairies like color
Colorful and wondrous, fairies are colorful creatures. Therefore, they need color to feel right at home in your garden. Plant colorful flowers.

Pansies and violas (commonly called Johnny Jump Ups) are a great addition to the kids' fairy garden. They are easy to obtain and care for. They are normally cooler weather flowers, but with care and a little more shade during the hot days of summer, they can live most of the year. They have been known to survive mild winters and to come up through the snow.

Flowers such as bachelor buttons and zinnias are also great flowers for the kids' fairy garden. These give colorful fairies places to play and hide in. Any colorful flower will do for a fairy garden.

Fairy homes
Make your fairy friends some fairy homes. Use branches and twigs or construct a house from an old log. You don't have to build anything fancy, just enough room for a few fairies.

If you want to build a fairy home from an old log, then you will need to make sure that part of the log is hollow so they have a place to stay.

Take twigs or small branches and set them up in a teepee fashion. This means they come to a point at the top and angle down the sides. You can tie the top with twine to hold them in place.

Place the fairy home off to the side of the garden so that nothing in the garden gets trampled when the fairies (or you) visit the home. You might consider making several smaller houses. You can surround the garden with fairy homes if you want.

Fairy doll friends
Make your own fairy doll friends using a few craft items. You will need something as the doll's body, perhaps a big craft stick, twig or a clothespin. Then you will have to decorate the body. You can add felt for clothes, yarn for hair and even lace, sequins or other material to give the fairy doll your own personal touch. Just use your imagination.

You can place these dolls in the fairy house. You can also just play with the dolls during your garden time and bring them inside so the weather doesn't ruin them. But on nights you know will be free of bad weather, you can leave them outside for the fairies to have company.

Imagine a garden where fairies come to play freely and you can enjoy their presence. Enjoy your new fairy garden and welcome all the fairies into it.

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