Make a Kids' Pizza Garden

Kids like pizza, and the kids' garden is a perfect spot to help the pizza cravings. Here are some ideas to get your pizza garden started.

Choose a spot
You must have the proper amount of sun and drainage. The vegetables and herbs in the kids' pizza garden will like full sun.

A traditional garden is in the ground. You usually till the ground and then plant. You can add in things like mulch, compost and perhaps some topsoil. It's a good garden only if you have the right soil conditions.

Container gardening is a great alternative if soil conditions are less than ideal. Containers and raised beds allow more control over moisture and can help with pest control. Containers and raised beds can take less room and are a great alternative in small spaces and backyards.

Fun container ideas
There are many different types of pots to use from clay pots to plastic pots. There are even hanging pots. Have the kids think of all the things they might want to plant their pizza garden in. A fun container idea is to use a half whiskey barrel. These are typically found in home and garden stores and other places that sell plants and garden equipment.

Some other fun container ideas might include kiddie pools and even old tires. If you use a kiddie pool, be sure that you drill holes for drainage.

Choose the plants
Here are four common vegetables and herbs that could be found in a pizza garden.

  • Oregano: This aromatic herb is easy to grow and can even be transplanted to grow inside your house in winter time. Just make sure it gets plenty of sunshine.

  • Tomatoes: The tomatoes used on pizza are usuallly Roma tomatoes. These tomatoes are juicy and meaty and give the tomato sauce a hearty flavor. Other types of tomatoes can be used if your kids choose to grow them.

  • Peppers: There are two main type of peppers, sweet and hot. The classic bell pepper is a sweet pepper and is good to add to the kids' pizza garden. Both hot and sweet peppers are a great way to spice up the sauce.

  • Basil: This aromatic herb is a must in the kids' pizza garden. It is grown for it's wonderful mint flavor. It's good in the sauce and thrown on the pizza with the cheese.

Bold goes a long way in the pizza garden. Be creative in your choices, and the kids will love their new pizza garden.

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