Best Plants for Planter Boxes

Small Planter Boxes

Don?'t make the mistake of putting only very small plants or small bloomed flowers in your small planter box. It?''s true, you don?'t want to overpower the box with a huge plant, but choose focal plants that are a bit larger and then surround them with smaller blooms. Smaller, mid sized flowers, such as marigolds, petunias or pansies can be surrounded by the smaller sweet alyssum in white or purple. Cyclamen also work well as filler in small planter boxes. They offer colorful white, pink or red flowers with lovely green foliage. For early blooming small boxes, plant crocus bulbs the fall before. Crocus are the first spring bulbs to bloom and are perfect for small places. Other plants for small planter boxes include: periwinkle, nasturtium, French marigold and the polka dot plant. Garden design can be enhanced by placing small planter boxes on decks, patios or laced throughout your yard.

Medium Planter Boxes

Medium sized planter boxes will use three levels of plants, medium-tall, medium and small. Use the larger plants, used in the small planter box, as medium sized plants for this box. Alyssums and cyclamen can be used in any size planter box to fill in at the lower level.. Geraniums are classic summer flowers and are perfect for the medium size planter box. The added greenery of dusty miller is especially nice, with it?'s silver leaves. Sweet potato vines leave a nice trail over and down the side of the planter. They can easily be trimmed if they get too long. Ornamental red peppers add a bight splash of color as an alternative to flowers. Use a medium size planter box as a focal point in your garden design.

Large Planter Boxes

Large planters, of course, can contain flowers and green plants in the same fashion as smaller planters. Make sure you keep size in perspective with larger focal point plants, cascading down to medium sized plants and filling in with small plants at the bottom. However, larger containers can also house trees and bushes. Rose bushes are ideal planter bushes, as are azaleas, Japanese yews, junipers, cherry laurel, quince and heather are others that work well. Trees that do well in planters include: varieties of Japanese maples, tatarian maple dogwood, birch, flowering crab apple, white flowering sargent and other dwarf tree varieties. Larger planters can accommodate flowers and other greenery at the base of a tree trunk, for added interest. Large planter boxes can be a way to create a garden design or landscaping in a smaller area.

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