How to Get Rid of Frogs

Although some people enjoy hearing frogs sing down by the pond, the noise irritates and annoys others. In some areas, frogs make themselves a nuisance by getting in swimming pools, sitting on porches right outside the door, or entering garages and houses. People facing these problems are eager to learn how to get rid of frogs.

Remove food supply and shelter

Frogs eat flies, mosquitos and other small insects. Control their food supply by keeping your yard free of weeds, keeping your grass mowed and turning off outside lights. Plant citronella in strategic places around the yard. Use fly traps near outdoor lights attached to the house.

Remove low, damp spots that are a perfect haven for frogs. Keep the weeds away from nearby ponds, creeks and buildings. You may have to get rid of water in your yard, such as fish ponds or bird baths.

If you find a hole where frogs are living, run a hose to it and let it fill up with water. This will eventually drive the frogs out. When you know they are out, fill in the hole with fill dirt and tamp it down firmly. Continue to add dirt to the hole as needed, and the frogs will eventually become discouraged and leave.

Provide jobs

Hire your own children and some of the neighborhood children to catch frogs for you. Pay them a set price for each frog that they catch. Move them to another area, such as a nearby lake or river.

Spray around pools

Mix two-thirds cup of bleach in three gallons of water. Spray this on the outside edge of the pool. Frogs will not go near where this is sprayed. Spray over the same area as often as needed.

Use fine netting

If the yard has a fence around it, cover it with fine screened netting. Dig a six-inch trench under the fence and run the netting into it. Fill in the dirt over the netting.

Use snake repellent

The same repellent used to deter snakes from coming into your yard will also deter frogs from coming in. Spray the repellent along the edge of your property. Use it the same way you would for snakes.

Use hot water

Apparently hot water signals danger to a frog. If you know where the frogs congregate at night, spray the area with very hot water just before they come out. They will not cross the area that has been sprayed.

Citric acid

Add citric acid to standing water on your property. It can also be placed in powder form around your house. Citric acid can be mixed with hot water and sprayed in the problem area. If you know where the breeding grounds are, spray the area with a sprayer. Frogs hate this substance and will stay away from it.

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