Keeping Wasps Away From Pools

There is nothing that can ruin a beautiful day beside the swimming pool more than wasps. They are nerve-wracking and downright scary to some folks. Keeping wasps away from pools is important if you really want to enjoy your time and keep from being stung.

What are wasps attracted to?

For some reason wasps are normally attracted to diesel fuel. Remove the lid from an empty soda bottle and put a small amount of diesel fuel in it. Place the bottle close to the pool but out of reach of children. The wasps will enter the bottle to get to the diesel and drown when they land in it.

Clean up the pool area to deter wasps

Remove any plants near your pool that attract wasps. Don't take fruit drinks and sweets to the pool area. Since wasps often go to drink water, place some small dishes of water a short distance away from the water. If you add a bit of dish soap to the water, the wasps will drown when they land for a drink.

Destroy wasp hives

Search the area around the pool for hives and destroy them. The best time to destroy the hives is late evening or early morning when all of them are inside. Purchase an insecticide that can reach at least 20 feet when it is sprayed.

You can make your own spray by mixing soap and water together and spraying it on the nest. Soak the nest, and, as it dries, the soap will clog up all of the openings. If you don't want to mess with the nest, are afraid of getting stung, or are allergic to wasps, call a pest control company and have them do the job for you.

Using raw meat to eliminate wasps

Wasps love raw meat. Hang a piece of meat or place some in a dish 50 to 75 feet downwind of your pool. Place a container of water below it. After they gorge themselves on the meat, they will either fall into the water or land there to get a drink. Add a bit of dish soap to the water, and they will drown.

Using wasp traps to eliminate wasps

Wasp traps are quite effective in eliminating a wasp problem. There are different kinds available. They can either be purchased, or you can make your own.

The purchased traps normally have a strong smell in them that attract wasps. If you decide to make one, you can just put sugar and water in a bottle. The wasps can get in, but they won't be able to get back out.

Plant anti-wasp flowers and herbs

There are several red perennials and herbs that are great at keeping wasps away from pools. Wormwood can be planted around the border of the pool to make a hedge approximately 12 inches high. Red geraniums can be planted in clusters nearby. They will need soil that remains moist but drains well in order to survive.

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