Lawn Care: Should You Use Cow Manure on the Lawn

Keeping a healthy green lawn takes time, work and money. Consider cutting down on fertilizing expenses and chemical exposure by using organic composted cow manure to feed the lawn, enrich the soil, and keep the grass happy.

For those living in urban or rural areas, sources for the manure can be sought out within a fairly short distance of your lawn.

Check with the local Cooperative Extension Office to see if there is a manure share program in the area. Livestock owners with too much composted manure often share with gardeners.

City dwellers may find it more expensive to find valuable cow manure to use on the lawn or in the garden, but it can be found at gardening centers.

Cow manure contains lawn nutrients like potash, phosphate and nitrogen in small amounts. But the healthy lawn also needs secondary elements like sulphur, magnesium and calcium that are readily available in cow manure.

Cow manure holds lawn nutrients in the soil. Dressing the lawn with cow manure makes it easier for the soil to trap and store the nutrients. The valuable nutrients found in cow manure are slowly released. If applied yearly, cow manure will allow the lawn soil to hold the nutrients in reserve.
Composted cow manure and other organic matter can improve soil structure and balance pH, making it easier for grass seeds to root and sprout. Unlike other fertilizers, they won't burn the roots of valuable garden plants that might be exposed for the lawn feeding.

To apply, sprinkle a thin layer, less than an inch, of composted cow manure on the lawn to keep both the grass and soil healthy.

An added benefit of recycling cow manure to lawn fertilizer? Redistributing cow manure from stalls and paddocks to hungry lawns reduces the threat of water runoff contaminating ground water.

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