Add Fun with Swimming Pool Slides

You've decided to crank up the fun in your backyard by adding a swimming pool slide to your pool. Now, how do you pick the right one? Styles, materials and designs vary between manufacturers, so it helps to know what you're looking for in a swimming pool slide.

What's Your Slide Made Of?
Swimming pool slides can be made of acrylic, fiberglass or high-density plastic. Some models will have a "slick" coating added to the slide surface to reduce friction. Plastic slides will be easier to clean, but may not be as slippery as slides made from other materials.

Many slides come molded with stairs; others have a set of metal stairs bolted to the slide. While metal components seem more durable, molded components provide easier installation and fewer corners and edges to catch on. Regardless of the material, make sure the treads are slip-resistant.

A Slide With Style
Swimming pool slides come in many styles, from smaller single-bend youth slides to looping, twisting slides of almost water park quality. If you have young children, consider a slide that has a high sidewall or is completely covered.

Pick the Right Design For Your Pool
Make sure that the design of a swimming pool slide fits the layout of your pool area. Slides are designed with either a right or left "twist," which refers to the orientation of entry and exit points of the slide. Look for a slide that matches the existing traffic flow of your pool deck.

Many swimming pool slides have a water delivery system to help reduce friction and give a water park feel to the ride. Water systems may require special plumbing or a more powerful pump if the slide is not near the current pump or water source.

Mounting a swimming pool slide requires careful planning to insure a safe installation. Make sure that the slide you are considering will actually fit on your deck. Be aware that some slides may require additional footings if any part of the slide is installed off the pool deck.

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