How Much Bleach to Shock Pool

How much bleach to shock pool is an important equation to be familiar with if you plan on shocking your pool yourself. It is vital that you shock your swimming pool to maintain the integrity of your swimming pool; the clarity and the chemical balance. Shocking your pool regularly will also help to keep dangerous germs out of your pool. Some experts recommend that you shock your pool every week to keep everything regular. Here's how much bleach you'll need to shock your pool.

Liquid shock has one primary chemical that allows your pool to achieve its appropriate level of ph. This chemical is called sodium hypochlorite, and its found in much higher levels in liquid shock than it is in standard bleach. Liquid shock contains 12.5% sodium hypochlorite in one bottle, while bleach contains just 3% sodium hypochlorite. Yep, that's right: There is four times as much sodium hypochlorite in a bottle of liquid shock than in a bottle of bleach. Most people need two bottles of liquid shock to treat their pool. That means you would need eight bottles of bleach. And, bleach contains unnecessary chemicals, some of which may not react well with the other chemicals in your pool. In the long run, it makes sense to stick with liquid shock. Not only will you not need to spend as much money on bleach as you would on liquid shock, but you will also be certain that you are preserving the chemical integrity of your pool. You will also have a certain peace of mind knowing that you are not swimming in bleach.


You should shock your swimming pool in the evening. This will help you avoid having the bleach or shock burn off from the sun. It will also give you enough time to let the chemicals react and regulate so that you can swim the next day. You should always wait at least overnight after bleaching or shocking your pool before you swim.

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