How to Texture Paint Paneling

Many people like wood paneling precisely because it has a little texture. If you want to brighten up a room, here is how to paint paneling while still giving your walls a textured finish.

Texturing wood paneling might come in handy if you want to distract from the grooves. If you tried to cover up the grooves with drywall tape or tried to fill them, and it didn't come out quite as you wanted, then follow these tips.

Your Tools
When painting wood paneling, you need to take the time to do the job right. Invest in quality materials, starting with the primer. Pick an acrylic latex primer tinted the same color as the paint for the best results.

When picking the paint, go with low gloss. Wood paneling will have imperfections, so you want something that won't make those little problems stand out.

The Process
Apply spackle to the grooves and sand down the whole wall. Sanding already gives the wall texture, but you can make even more out of it.

Then apply the primer. Since you are adding texture to the wall, focus on the primer's coverage and how well it hides the original color of the wall. Plan on adding multiple coats; it takes a lot to hide dark wood paneling.

Once the primer is dry, it is time to add the texture. You can either buy texture paint if you already know what kind you want, or you can mix a texture paint additive into the paint you've bought so you can have more control.

Since the wall will have its own texture thanks to the sanding and the spackling, you may want to try the textured paint on a small section to see how it looks. If you like the look, then keep going. You can also use texture rollers and sponges to create an effect that matches your other walls exactly. 

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