Outdoor Faucet Repair

Outdoor faucet repair is quick and straightforward. Once you repair an outdoor faucet, you'll notice a big difference in your water bill-a leaky outdoor faucet wastes hundreds of gallons of water a year!

Outdoor Facet Repair Made Easy

  • Get packing. If your outdoor faucet is leaking around the valve stem (behind the handle), you may be able to fix the problem by tightening the packing nut. With an adjustable wrench, tighten the hexagonal nut that covers the valve stem. If this stops the leak, awesome! You may still have time to catch the second half of the game.
  • Cut off. If your faucet is leaking from the spout, you'll need to put in a little more time. To begin, turn off the water supply for your outdoor faucet. Find the interior supply line in your basement or crawl space and turn the cut off valve to the off position. Go back outside, put a bucket under the faucet and open the valve to drain out any water still left in the line.
  • It takes two. To remove the valve assembly, you'll need two wrenches. Place one on the section of faucet closest to the wall and the other on the section just behind the packing nut. Keep the section near the wall from moving as you turn the valve assembly loose.
  • Disassembly. Loosen the screw or nut holding the valve handle and remove the handle. Unscrew the packing nut and slide it off the stem. Pry out the washer or packing string from inside the packing nut.
  • Pack up. Insert a new washer or packing string into the packing nut and slide it back on the valve stem. Tighten the packing nut and replace the handle, tightening the handle fastener.
  • The other washer. Next, flip the valve assembly over and remove the compression washer. This washer is held in place by a screw-simple loosen the screw and remove the old washer. Replace the old washer with a new one and tighten the retaining screw back in place.
  • Back together again. Replace the valve assembly and tighten it back in place. Be sure the use the second wrench to hold the body of the faucet in place while you tighten the valve assembly.
  • Ready to go? Have a helper turn the water supply back on while you check to make sure the outdoor faucet is installed correctly and works without leaking.
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