Replacing a Sink Drain

Replacing a sink drain can stop that annoying leak under your sink. The sink drain connects the sink basin to the plumbing. The attachment (called a strainer basket) can become pitted over time, and its seal might weaken. Luckily, replacing a sink drain is simple.

No Sweat Steps To Replacing A Sink Drain

Bathroom and kitchen sinks use a metal basket called a sink strainer to form a connection between the sink and the drainpipes below. Over time, the sink drain can become worn or pitted and the seal around the drain can become compromised, leading to a leak. If water leaks from your sink when it is full, chances are the sink strainer is at fault. Here are some tips on replacing a sink drain:

  • Strain in vain. The sink strainer is a metal basket attached to the sink bowl by a large metal fastener called a lock nut. The pipe connected to the strainer, called a tail, is held in place by a slip nut.
  • The strainer retainer. To remove the sink strainer, remove the slip nut from the tail pipe-you should be able to loosen this nut by hand or with a pair of adjustable pliers. Next, remove the lock nut from the strainer-a special tool called a spud wrench will make the job easier. Finally, push the old strainer up into the sink and remove the old putty around the opening with a plastic putty knife.
  • Shiny and new. To replace the strainer, apply a rope of plumber's putty around the sink side of the opening. Insert the new strainer, place the new gaskets that came with it and re-attach the lock nut. Attach the tail pipe, using only hand strength to tighten the slip nut. Remove the excess putty from inside the sink with a plastic putty knife to avoid damaging the sink.
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