Common Names of Berries

Berries, for the most part, are unfamiliar to the majority of us. While we may be able to identify a few popular grocery store berries, there are a large number of wild berries that remain a mystery. Even common names of berries mask their scientific name. Here is a breakdown of some common names of berries.

Blueberries. Vaccinium corymbosum, Vaccinium angustifolium and Vaccinium boreale are some of the scientific names for this popular fruit that grows in eastern North America. It grows on a deciduous shrub in acidic soil. Blueberry shrubs have white flowers and dark green leaves.

Bilberries. These are blue berries that are often confused with the blueberry. The scientific name for bilberries is Vaccinium myrtillus.

Cranberries. Cranberries is the common name for several species, including Vaccinium erythrocarpum, Vaccinium macrocarpon, Vaccinium microcarpum and Vaccinium oxycoccos. Cranberries can be found in acidic bogs.

Bearberries. Bearberries are often confused with cranberries, but they are different. Scientific names for bearberries include Arctostaphylos alpine, Arctostaphylos rubra and Arctostaphylos uva-ursi. They received their common name because of bears' fondness for the small red berries.

Raspberries. Raspberries are also known as Rubus arcticus, Rubus crataegifolius, Rubus idaeus, Rubus occidentalis and Rubus odoratus.
Strawberries. Strawberry is the common name for Fragaria, which is a popular fruit in North America.

Wolfberries. Wolfberries are also known as Symphoricarpos occidentalis, or western snowberries.

Crowberries. Crowberries grow on small dark evergreens in the Northern Hemisphere. Crowberry is the common name for several species, including Empetrum eamesii, Empetrum hermaphroditum and Empetrum nigrum.

Huckleberries. There are several scientific names for huckleberries including Gaylussacia baccata and Gaylussacia brachycera. The huckleberry is the state berry of Idaho.

Garden Huckleberries. This is the common name for the Solanum melanocerasum, which is actually a type of nightshade rather than a huckleberry.

Gooseberries. Ribes uva-crispa, or gooseberries, grow on a bush and are generally green.

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