How Long Does It Take Grapes to Grow

How long does it take grapes to grow? The answer to that question can vary depending on what you want to use the grapes for, but it is fairly easy to figure out.

Growing grapes requires patience. Unlike some crops that may be ready during the same season in which you plant them, grape vines need time to grow and develop before they can start successfully producing grapes. Your best bet when trying to grow grapes, is to learn as much as you can about the type of grape that you are growing as well as growing grapes in your region. And of course, have the necessary patience to allow your grapes to grow. Here are some tips to help you figure out how long you're going to have to let your grapes grow before you can use them.

There are two things that you can use grapes for: eating and making wine. These require two different types of grapes though, so you will have to determine what kind of grapes you want to grow before you start planting.

When you are growing grapes that you plan on eating, you will need about two years for the grapes to grow. The first year the vine will be growing and roots will be spreading. The second year when it starts to produce grapes, you will be able to pick them once they are ripe enough.

If you are growing grapes to make wine, you will need an extra year. Your vine will have to develop and roots will have to take hold. You may want to keep your grapevines from producing too many grapes that second year so that the roots can really work on developing and becoming stronger. This will increase the chances that you will have a successful, long-lasting vine. By the third year you should be able to pick the grapes to make your wine.

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