Choosing Baby Baths

Choosing baby baths that are just right for your baby and your household might be more difficult than you think.

Questions for Consideration
A glimpse down the aisle of baby equipment may leave you scratching your head; consider your needs and you will eliminate guesswork. The following are some of the questions you should ask yourself before you go shopping:

  • Where in my home will I be bathing the baby?
  • Will I want to stand or kneel while bathing my infant?
  • Where will I store the tub while it is not being used?
  • Will I need both hands to wash?
  • What is the age and size of the baby?
  • How much money can I afford to invest in a tub?

A Rigid Tub Versus a Draining Tub
If you will be bathing your baby in a large bathroom with a large bathtub, you can opt for a rigid baby bathtub. These models require parents to kneel beside the tub with the baby placed on the reclining back of the tub. It's easy to bathe the child since the parent will have both hands free.

If you cannot bend over to bathe the baby you may need simply a small plastic washtub that fits in your kitchen sink.

The rigid tub can be turned over inside the regular bathtub when you are finished then dried with a towel and put away. You will need a large space to store it as it doesn't collapse or fold up.

Go Safe and Simple
Avoid fancy draining tub with a hose and clamps is difficult to use, difficult to fill and drain and bulky to store. The best baby bathtubs are safe and simple.

A plastic tub with high sides and a shallow base for the bath water is the best for keeping the infant upright while you wash him. A small spongy foam insert can make the bath more comfortable, but is not necessary and is difficult to dry and store. A hand towel can provide the cushioning you need and can be thrown in the washer.

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