Low-Maintenance Hairstyles for Little Girls

Here are some basic hairstyles for little girls that are easy to maintain, and tips for caring for their hair at this stage.

Long or short?
If you want your little girl to have long tresses, you'll need for take her in for a professional trim to even out the wispy ends. This will help it grow and look good while it does. Tie long hair back in a ponytail, or pull to either side for two. If you're adept at braiding, you might try a French braid, but that may be tough to do if the hair is still too thin. Barrettes are also pretty ways to get the hair out of her eyes, as long as the hair is thick enough for the barrettes to hold. Try tiny, tight claw clips, and put a few in for a easy fix that is also cute.

If you favor short hair, consider a bob. Bob hairstyles are very easy to maintain and are forgiving. If the hair is straight, some layers can help the hair achieve a fuller look. For curly hair, keeping the layers longer will help it calm down because the added weight of the hair will keep the curls from getting out of control. Chin length hair is perfect for a bob, though a layered bob may look shorter and still be cute. You want a haircut that will frame the face and accentuate rather than detract from it.

Hair care tips
You need to know that baby hair is thinner and finer than kid and adult hair. Curly baby hair is prone to growing straight out from the head in a frizzy mass. Take a deep breath and know that this is part of the growing process. A trim can help even it out, and strategic placement of a bow barrette or hair band can really help during this time.

Straight hair needs to be combed through when wet to remove tangles. Even thin hair is prone to tangles, so this is important. If you let the hair stay tangled, it will get worse. Try a spray conditioner or detangling spray. Brush straight hair daily to keep it shiny and stimulate the scalp.

To keep curly hair from frizzing, do not brush it when dry. Use conditioner after washing, even leave-in conditioner, to help untangle knots and moisturize to avoid dryness. Allow curly hair to air dry. That will also keep curls from frizzing. 

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