Should You Use Swim Diapers

Swim diapers, generally available from March through September, are designed so that babies can wear them comfortably while playing in a pool or a sprinkler. They use different types of absorbent material so that they won't swell up when they get wet.

Swim Diaper Construction
The typical swim diaper is a fitted diaper with elastic protection around the legs and waist to prevent leaking. They also have a stronger outer covering, so they will not tear as easily as regular diapers. This keeps your baby from tearing the diaper while sitting on concrete at the edge of a pool or in rough play while playing in the sprinkler.

Using Swim Diapers
Swim diapers can be used with or without a bathing suit. Most are made with colorful designs on the outside, so they can be worn as a regular bathing suit without additional covering. Cloth swim diapers can be worn without rubber pants while your baby is in the water.

Because of problems with swelling, tearing and leaks, some waterparks and pools require infants to wear cloth swim diapers while they're in the water. If you're using a cloth swim diaper, be sure to have a backup in case your child needs a diaper change before you're ready to leave for the day.

Swim diapers, whether cloth or disposable, aren't the best diapers to use when your child is outside the water. Because they're not as absorbent, swim diapers may leak at home. They also allow moisture to stay close to your baby's skin, which increases the risk of diaper rash. Once your child is out of the water, switch back to regular diapers.

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