Baby Bottle Warmers Essential for Active Parents

A baby bottle warmer might be a smart investment for new parents who are always on the go. Many options exist. With a close examination of available products, you can choose a warmer that best fits your needs.

Why You Need a Bottle Warmer
The premise of a baby bottle warmer is simple: it keeps the liquid in the bottle at a constant temperature. Bottle warmers replace the microwave or stove top as a means to warm baby's bottle. It is a good alternative because a bottle should never be heated in the microwave. Uneven heating from the microwave poses a safety issue.

As you look at available models, you might decide that one warmer will work best at home while another will work nicely in your vehicle. Here are features worth considering:

Not all baby bottle warmers are created equally. Check the model specs to ensure that the type of baby bottle you use will fit in the warmer.

A baby bottle warmer can be a huge help to a busy family. Some warmers are designed specifically for vehicle use. This model plugs directly into the accessory outlet. Others run on battery power. If you have a need for speed to heat up a bottle in the car, you need to remember that it does take longer. On a long trip, plan ahead and plug it in earlier so you can appease your baby when he is hungry.

Another type of portable bottle warmer offers a reusable heat source and does not require batteries or an electrical source. This model is placed in warm water for 10 - 15 minutes and then wrapped around the baby bottle.

Want to know the temperature of the liquid before feeding your child? Consider a bottle warmer with an indicator light that specifies when the liquid has warmed to the correct temperature. Some models feature a built-in thermostat that keeps the water at a constant temperature.

A timer helps you track how long the bottle is in the warmer. This can be a big help, especially if you are traveling. Timers are not standard features on every model.

Some warmers have a cooling section, storing bottles like they are in the refrigerator. While this feature is nice, it is not a necessity. It is best used during a night feeding.

Baby Food
As your child advances from liquids to baby food, other considerations about a warmer need to be taken into account. Will you use the warmer to heat jars of baby food? If you do, you will need a model that comes with an adapter so the jar can be easily removed. Otherwise, you will have to reach into the apparatus to remove the jar.

A bottle warmer gives parents many options for a safe and healthy feeding time.

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