The Pros and Cons of a Hip Baby Carrier

A hip baby carrier has many benefits to parents looking for a comfortable and stylish way to carry their baby. Many parents are choosing to use baby hip carriers instead of other, more traditional baby carriers. This doesn't mean they're not entirely without their drawbacks. Before you buy one, make sure that hip baby carriers are right for you.

Baby hip carriers are comfortable for both mom and baby. Unlike a sling carrier, a baby hip carrier can be worn around both shoulders, distributing the baby's weight. The positioning of hip carriers also spreads your child's weight out on your hips and legs. One of the added bonuses for your child is that unlike traditional carriers, which put pressure on the baby's spine, a wrap worn on the hip supports your baby from his butt. This type of baby carrier can also hold a baby through the toddler years without causing too much strain on your body.

A baby hip carrier can be worn by both moms and dads, meaning one parent isn't stuck carrying the baby all the time. Since they come in an endless variety of styles and colors, chances are you can find one which suits your tastes.

Many baby hip carriers are wraps which can be tied in different ways. This means that if you want to switch sides or move your baby from one hip to the other (or to the front, or back, etc.), it isn't complicated to do. All you have to do is untie the wrap and reposition it. 

Baby hip carriers do have some downsides. They are not always comfortable when worn for hours at a time. If you're planning on taking your baby out for an entire day of walking around or hiking, you may find that you become sore. They are also not easy to reposition if they are uncomfortable. If you have tied it too loosely or too tightly you must redo the whole thing. It is also not always advisable to carry a young baby on your hip, meaning you may have to get a different type of carrier for the infant stage and then move up to the baby hip carrier.

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