What to Look for in a Portable High Chair

Several styles of portable high chair are on the market, making it easier for a parent to feed the baby while traveling. There are full chairs, booster seats and legless seats that attach to the side of the table. Which of these chairs is right for your family? What should you look for in a portable high chair?

Portable and Safe
The number one thing to look for in a chair is safety.
Even if the chair will only be used while traveling, it still needs to have all of the safety features of a regular high chair. Look for a three point harness and restraining bar to keep your child from slipping out of the chair. A booster seat should be designed so that it straps tightly to an adult chair seat.

Portable and Convenient
Make sure that your portable high chair actually is protable. If it is too large even with the legs folded and seat up, it will not be worth the space it takes to haul it.

Does the seat have cushions that won't stay attached or cannot easily be cleaned? If so, it may be a poor choice.

Simplicity is what you need for travel. The high chair must be simple to use, simple to clean and simple to fold up and stow. It should be lightweight. Some booster seats fold into small satchels that can be carried in a wheeled cart. Inflatable booster seats take up very little space. They also must be durable enough to withstand the bumps, bangs and inevitable traumas of travel.

Portable and Cost Effective
A portable high chair mustn't be so expensive that it can't be replaced periodically with a new model should it be inadvertently left behind or damaged in transit. Frequent visits to Grandmother's house might lead you to store the chair there.

When you look for a good portable high chair, be certain to choose one that is light and takes very little space in the car. A chair that can be cleaned easily and is safe for the baby is the best choice.

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