Elvish Baby Names and Meanings

Choosing Elvish baby names is a fun way to express your love of the work of JRR Tolkien, who created the Elvish language for his book, The Lord of the Rings. You can also be assured your child will be the only one with that name in his class.

Tolkien names will spark some recognition in anyone who has seen the movie trilogy or read the books.You can also choose an Elvish name from another great fantasy work that you admire, or pick a name from an Elvish Web site. These exotic baby names are definite conversation starters. The only caveat to selecting an Elvish name is that some people may have trouble pronouncing it; in Elvish, the letter, C is a K sound.

Nature Elvish Baby Names
Most Elvish names have meanings rooted in nature. For example, Celeborn, a masculine name from The Lord of the Rings, has a translation of Silver Tree. Other male Elvish names include the following:

  • Círdanhe: This name means shipwright. In the books, Cirdane made the ship that carries Frodo away from Middle Earth.
  • Eärendil: Lover of the sea. He was an Elf that joined with men to save Middle Earth. 
  • Elladan: Elf-man
  • Elrohir: Elf-knight or Elf-rider
  • Elrond: Star dome
  • Gildor: Noble star
  • Haldir: Tall one
  • Legolas: Greenleaf
  • Lindir: Good singer
  • Voronwë: Steadfast one

The following are some feminine Elvish baby names and their meanings.

  • Aredhel: Noble Elf
  • Artanis: Noblewoman
  • Arwen: Noble maiden
  • Celebrían: Silver queen
  • Elanor: Sun star, which in the books is an Elvish flower.
  • Eärwen: Sea-maiden
  • Eirien: Daisy
  • Elenwë: Star
  • Enelyë: Third, as in third daughter or third child.
  • Elwing: Star-spray
  • Galadriel: Crowned with a radiant garland. In the books, she is known for her long, beautiful, golden hair.
  • Idril: Sparkling brilliance
  • Lúthien: Enchantress
  • Melian: Beloved
  • Nienor or Niniel: Mourning, maid of tears
  • Tatië: Second child or second daughter.
  • Nimrodel: Lady of the White Grotto
  • Tinúviel: Nightingale
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