List of Unisex Baby Names

Unisex baby names are a great choice if you don't know if you're having a boy or girl, but want to be prepared. Likewise, you can find some beautiful unisex names that work well for any child. You can also alter the spelling of unisex names to create something truly unique.

Unisex Baby Names and Their Meanings

  • Addison: Son of Adam
  • Alexis: Protector of man
  • Angel: Messenger
  • Ashton: Ash tree town
  • Avery: Elf ruler
  • Bailey: Administrator
  • Blaine: Thin, slender
  • Blair: Dweller on the plain
  • Brett: From Britain
  • Caden: Barrel
  • Cameron: Crooked noose
  • Carmen: Song
  • Cary: Dark complexion
  • Casey: Brave
  • Cassidy: Clever, curly-headed
  • Cecil: Blind, dim-sighted
  • Chris: Follower of Christ
  • Cody: Helpful
  • Corey: Dweller near a hollow
  • Dakota: Friend, ally
  • Devon: Poet
  • Drew: Manly
  • Ellery: From the Elder Tree island
  • Emerson: Industrious ruler
  • Erin: Ireland
  • Fabian: Bean grower
  • Glen: Secluded valley
  • Hadley: From the heather-covered meadow
  • Haiden: From the hedged valley
  • Harley: From the hare's meadow
  • Hayden: From the hedged valley
  • Hayley: From the hay meadow
  • Ira: Vigilant, watchful
  • Jamie: Supplanter
  • Jayden: Thankful
  • Jesse: Wealthy
  • Jordan: Descend
  • Jude: Praised
  • Kelly: Warrior
  • Kelsey: Ship island
  • Kendall: Valley of the river Kent
  • Kerry: Dark-haired one
  • Lane: Narrow country road
  • Lee: Meadow, clearing, sheltered from the storm
  • Leslie: From the gray fortress
  • Lonnie: Ready for battle
  • Mallory: Unfortunate or unlucky
  • Marley: From the lake meadow
  • Morgan: Bright sea
  • Noel: Christmas
  • Pat: Of noble descent
  • Payton: Settlement or town
  • Perry: Dweller by the pear tree
  • Reese: Ardor
  • Regan: Little ruler
  • Riley: Dweller by the rye field
  • Skylar: The Isle of Skye
  • Stacy: Resurrection
  • Sydney: Wide meadow
  • Taylor: To cut
  • Wynne: Fair or white
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