Choosing Electrical Outlet Covers

If you have an active toddler in your house, you need to invest in electrical outlet covers. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, approximately 3,900 injuries associated with electrical outlets are treated in hospital emergency rooms each year. Nearly one-third of these injuries take place when young children stick metal objects into an outlet.

The original electrical outlet cover featured a piece of molded plastic with two prongs that were inserted into the outlet. Concerns regarding this type of cover were based on incidents where an adult would remove a cover so he could plug in a cord and would forget to replace the plug. In some cases, the young child would pry the cover from the socket. Toddlers would put the cover in their mouths, resulting in a choking hazard.

Updated forms of the covers protect growing children from electric shock and give parents peace of mind without offering anything for them to choke on. Four types of new and improved electrical outlet covers are available.

The first type resembles the original model; however, the piece is larger, making it more difficult for a crawling baby or toddler to place the plastic in his mouth. Additionally, the plastic has a grip that must be pinched together for the cover to be removed from the socket.

Another style similar to the original is called the Shock Lok. The cover is designed to fit snugly in the outlet. Pull tab provides ease of use for adults. The plug contains a tether which is screwed into the outlet plate. This security system keeps the cover where it is needed: in the outlet.

A third outlet cover design features a sliding face. When a cord is unplugged, a face place either slides in front of or rotates downward, covering the outlet.

The last type of electrical outlet cover available is easy to use. Two-touch or double-touch covers fit over the outlet and contain a two-touch release mechanism. This type of outlet cover doesn't require hardware for installation.

By installing one of these styles of electrical outlet covers, you can easily safeguard your baby or toddler from electrical dangers at a minimal cost. And that type of peace of mind remains priceless.

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