Proper Baby Nursery Feng Shui

Using some of the decorating tips in Feng Shui, an ancient practice for maintaining a positive flow of life energy, chi, you can set up proper baby nursery feng shui with the optimal environment possible for health and well being. Here are some suggestions for how to do this.

Location of the Nursery
According to the laws of Feng Shui, a baby's nursery should not be over a garage or an open, empty room. The east and north parts of a house are ideal for a boy, while a girl thrives in the west, south or southeast parts. If you have a choice, start with these ideas.

Placing the Crib
The crib is the central piece of furniture in all baby nurseries. For the baby's emotional comfort, place the crib where the door is easily visible. That way, the baby can see a parent who comes in to comfort him as soon as possible. The crib should be along a solid wall, rather than one that has a storage room or bathroom on the other side. It will be quieter and warmer against that wall, which helps to create a serene sleeping environment.

Air Flow
A fan on the slowest setting can be used to move air around. Circulation is a part of the art of a healthy energy flow, and air is one of the ways to move energy around.

Bright colors are thought to be too stimulating to allow a baby to sleep well. Choose muted colors or white, which is the color associated with creativity, when decorating the nursery.

Placing Other Furniture
There should not be any obstacles in the middle of the room, as the flow of energy doesn't go around objects well. Furniture should be placed against walls, where possible, with no trapped space between the furniture and the wall, as this captures energy and prevents it from flowing. Clutter also interrupts the flow of energy, so keep the room neat and orderly.

Soft lighting is best, so use blinds rather than room-darkening shades or thick curtains. Keep the overall lighting from being too harsh.

Things that Enhance the Flow of Chi
Plants bring good energy to a room. Mobiles are a good addition to a baby's nursery because they are soothing. The moving air from the fan will give them gentle motion.

Things to Avoid
Too many electronics can interrupt the flow of chi, so only use what is absolutely necessary. Keep musical toys and sound effects out, and keep the noise level as low as possible.

A serene room is the goal here; clean, quiet, muted lighting and colors, with air flow for well-being. You'll feel just as good in there as your baby does.

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